Freshly Squeezed: Honda Civic EG (K20)


It has long been recommended by health and fitness professionals alike that everyone should consume at least one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice per day. The benefits are numerous including lowering one’s blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels and ultimately getting one’s dosage of pure Vitamin C.

In similar fashion, Spenser Brown of Team Focal Point Concepts based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario, Canada stays healthy with his daily driven dosage of freshly squeezed orange through his K20-powered 1992 Honda Civic Si hatchback. Well known amongst show goers and track competitors, Brown’s Civic is like no other in North America with a unique motor swap and more JDM goodies than one could ever dream of.

If it isn’t obvious yet, the exterior of this Civic bubble pops with its custom House of Kolor Sunset Orange paint job. Looks aside the aerodynamic enhancements done on the coupe including the VIS carbon fiber hood, J’s Racing front lip, J’s Racing front fenders, and APR carbon fiber GT mirrors add both form and function. Custom made headlights with Type R projectors update the Civic’s front fascia along with JDM amber front corner and side marker lights.

Under the carbon fiber hood is a House of Kolor purple painted engine bay housing a highly tuned Honda K20Z1 engine. An array of K-Tuned products ranging from the 3-inch cold air intake system, wiring harness, fuel line kit, A/C and P/S eliminator kit, throttle cable and more allow for the mild-mannered K-series to waken. Air flows into the RBC intake manifold through the air intake system while a Skunk2 fuel rail matted to an AEM fuel regulator assure that the life blood keeps on flowing strong.

Once the K-series swap was completed, a Hondata K-Pro ECU tuned by “Turtle” of Kensai Racing (KHF) provides the much needed signals allowing for this orange bubble to produce over 230whp and 180 ft-lb of torque. Although exact figures cannot be given, it is a safe bet that this orange rocket can give any competitor a run of their money! Securing that the power gets planted to the pavement is a Kazaa 1.5-way LSD and an MFactor 5.0 final drive. No one wheel burn outs here!

Inside the office Brown’s workspace includes a Key’s Racing JDM steering wheel, a pair of BRIDE Low Max race seats fitted on BRIDE rails, NRG 6-point race harness, and a JDM Type-R 6-speed shift knob. For monitoring purposes, an array of gauges fill the cabin (a-pillar and dashboard) including an AEM wideband, various STRI pieces (EGT, oil temp, oil pressure) and an AutoMeter volt gauge.

Everything b-pillar back has been completed gutted and removed for a true lightweight diet. The inside has been sprayed with matte finish black paint with the only things left untouched being the rollcage mounting points and brackets.

Onto the rear of this orange time attack bubble is an authentic and very rare J’s Racing GT-3 carbon fiber spoiler mounted on the top side of the hatch. The bottom half of the hatch is a lightweight full carbon fiber replacement by Seibon.

Providing that unique and track-spec stance on this K20 Civic are a set of Apex’i coilovers and Skunk2 camber kits up front and back. Further suspension goods providing the much-needed chassis reinforcement for track attacks include an ASR purple sub-frame brace, Auto Power 4-point rollcage (not present during photo shoot), JDM Type R sway bars, JDM Type R strut bars, and JDM Type R control arms. For rollers, Brown has two sets of rim / tires each designed for a different purpose – be it 16-inch Type R rims for daily driving or 15-inch ROTA Slipstream for track racing. Stopping power comes in way of Brembo blank rotors all around paired with Hawk HT-10 pads up front and HP + at rear.

Prior to this feature, I must say that I have always admired Spenser Brown’s Civic hatchback especially having photographed it at numerous events throughout the 2011 season – be it at one of the many KPlayground track day or the Import Expo – Track event a couple of weeks ago. Like most vehicles, it takes some time to understand their inner workings or in this case, raise one’s admiration for the work done on it. With over 230whp, the weight of a small farm animal and a cockpit fit for any JDM-video series, this Freshly Squeezed orange Honda Civic EG truly is healthy goodness! Question then remains, “How many K-20 powered EG Civics keep the doctor away?”


The Specs


Owner: Spenser Brown
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Vehicle: 1992 Honda Civic Si (K20)
Club / Team Affiliation: Focal Point Concepts


– Sunset orange paint with black roof (House of Kolor)
– Custom purple paint in engine bay (House of Kolor)
– VIS carbon fiber hood
– J’s Racing front lip
– J’s Racing front fenders
– J’s Racing GT-3 carbon fiber spoiler
– Seibon carbon fiber hatch
– Custom fitted EK sideskirts
– Spoon Sport front tow hook
– Custom made headlights with JDM Type R projectors
– JDM amber front corner lights
– JDM amber side marker lights
– JDM rear wiper delete
– Type R rear lip
– APR Carbon fiber GT mirrors
– PasswordJDM rear tow hook
– PasswordJDM Driver side carbon fiber intake duct
– PasswordJDM Foglight


– Key’s Racing steering wheel
– Quick removable hub
– Bride Lox max bucket seats
– Bride Seat brackets
– NRG 6 point harness
– JDM Type R 6speed shift knob
– JDM amber clock
– Alpine Type R front speakers
– AEM wideband gauge
– STRI Oil temp/Oil Pressure/Exhaust temp gauges
– Autometer Volt gauge


– K20Z1 (2005 RSX- TypeS)
– hytech race header
– Skunk2 76mm megapower RR catback
– K-Tuned rad hose kit
– K-Tuned heater hose kit
– K-Tuned throttle body bracket
– K-Tuned throttle cable
– K-Tuned clutch line kit
– K-Tuned fuel line kit
– K-Tuned wiring harness
– K-Tuned Immobilizer
– K-Tuned Speedo healer
– K-Tuned A/C P/S Eliminator Kit
– K-Tuned shifter plate
– K-Tuned 3” cold air intake w/ vstack
– RBC intake manifold
– MFactor 5.0 final drive
– Kazaa 1.5 way LSD
– Hondata K-pro (tuned by Turtle)
– Skunk2 fuel rail
– AEM fuel regulator
– Mishimoto half rad
– Mishimoto 12″ fan
– Type R valve cover
– Spoon Sport coil cover
– Spoon Sport reservoir cover



– Apex’i coilover (14k/16k)
– Type R lower contol arms
– 5 Bolt Type R conversion (32mm)
– B to C piller bars (Custom)
– Auto Power 4 point roll cage
– ASR purple subframe brace
– Beaks lower tie bar
– Type R front upper strut bar
– Type R rear lower sway bar
– Skunk2 Front camber kit
– Skunk2 Rear camber kit
– PCI rear trailing arm bushing
– ARP extended studs



– 16×6.5 Gunmetal Type R rims (Street 205/50/16)
– 15×8 Rota Slipstream rims (Track 205/50/15)

– Hawk HT-10 pads in front
– Hawk HP+ pads on rear
– Brembo blanks Front/Rear rotors
– Goodrich Front/Rear braded lines
– 1” Type R brake booster/Master cylinder


– Kplayground
– ShinzoWerks
– NextMod
– Kensai Racing (KHF)

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

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