Fairlady Z: An All White Z Shoot


The whole idea behind this shoot started out at Fitted (Brampton Fairgrounds), where I met up with Jas (owner of the Datsun 240z). We began discussing different ideas for a shoot and he suggested a generation-type shoot. What this would consist of would be all the Zs from the original Datsun Z up until the latest version with the Nissan 370z. After a few months of organization and planning the day finally came, but sadly the 280Z broke down and the 300ZX got into an accident.

Fairlady Z - An All White Z Shoot (2)

Upon arriving at the meet-up spot, I didn’t know what to expect. I was patiently waiting then suddenly I heard an abrupt downshift and noticed the 300ZX. A few moments later, I saw Paul’s 350Z show up and air down – which always puts a smile on my face. Eventually all of the cars showed up and the photoshoot began. We started by taking a few shots with Toronto’s skyline in the background all while enjoying a few laughs and getting to know each other – we had all communicated online prior to the shoot, but I find meeting someone face to face for the first time after speaking online is completely different.

Fairlady Z - An All White Z Shoot (3)

Once we finished getting our shots with the city’s background, we made our way on Lake Shore Blvd to find shoot spots between our predetermined locations. We then found a parking lot overlooking the water with a nice backdrop, so we decided to pull into the lot and start shooting some more. Upon finishing the next set of shots we headed to Liberty Village, pulled over to grab some hot dogs, and discuss how we would set up the cars for shots (including rolling shots) at the Village.

Fairlady Z - An All White Z Shoot (4)

We setup at Liberty Village and decided the cars would be parked from oldest to newest generation so that the public could see the transition from how they used to be until now. What was fascinating about the experience was the amount of people of all ages stopping and admiring the little spectacle we had going on. A few people came up and started talking to the owners of the cars and for a change, it was nice to see everyone having a good time without any of the usual issues you find during a street-type shoot.

Fairlady Z - An All White Z Shoot (5)

After a long day, it was time to call it a wrap. Unfortunately, we didn’t have all the Zs needed to complete the shoot, however we did have the most iconic ones present and it was nice to see the evolution of such an iconic sportscar in person. This was definitely one of the most interesting shoots of my career to date and one I will never forget. I would like to personally thank Jas Bawja for giving me the opportunity to shoot these cars all together and I would also like to congratulate Jas for winning the Tuner Battlegrounds trophy at Fitted Ontario Place. This shoot has taken months of planning, many sleepless nights, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because it was well worth it and I hope you all enjoy this set!