Dark Shadow: Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R


Legendary – the one word that best describes the Nissan Skyline GT-R, regardless of generation. However, the most iconic of them all is none other than the R32 generation from 1989-1994. By the early 90s, the GT-R was winning races all over the world with its masterfully engineered drive train and potent RB26DETT power plant under the hood. To some it might be just another JDM tuner car, but to most it is a creation that continues to draw interest and fascination. What’s not to love about a car that is capable of 12-second 1/4-mile passes, endless thrashing on a road course, and still capable of being daily driven in comfort?

Dark Shadow - Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R (THUMBNAIL) 2

Over in Staten Island, New York, lives this metallic black GT-R owned by Nat Insumran. For those not aware in the difficulties of owning a JDM car in the United States, let’s just say that there was a short time frame in which a selection of these beauties were brought over from Japan legally and well, that’s just it. United States has a 25-year importation law and thus, the GT-Rs running around the country are incredibly rare (and expensive) – to the likes of any coveted Italian sports car. Insumran has always been a fan of JDM cars and when he landed the opportunity to own one, he jumped on it. Staying true to his nature of only enhancing what is needed, this R32 is kept stock on the exterior. There’s no wild body kit or track-spec carbon fiber rear spoiler here, but don’t let the factory exterior and mint condition black pearl metallic paint fool you as all the magic is found elsewhere.

Dark Shadow - Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R (THUMBNAIL) 3

Pop open the hood and what you have is the drool-worthy inline 6-cylinder, twin turbocharged engine that has won racing championships worldwide. For more power, one needs more boost and that was accomplished thanks to a set of Trust TD06 turbochargers matted to a Trust manifold. Force fed air enters through a pair of HKS DD air filters while an ARC 3-layer front mount intercooler drops the charge temp. A pair of HKS 270 cams allow for the head to run more efficiently with the higher power band and six Tomei 555cc injectors dump the needed fuel. Safe guarding against any starvation issues during spirited runs, Insumran installed a pair of Nissan N1 goodies including the oil and water pump. The combination of all these parts (and more naturally) result in a power bump upwards of 556 awhp and 409 ft-lb of torque @ 17 psi of boost – that’s just shy of 700 horsepower!

Dark Shadow - Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R (THUMBNAIL) 4

In the cockpit, things look fairly stock at first sight. Upon closer inspection it is clear that this R32 is race-ready with the use of some must-have JDM parts. To start, the driver controls are through a Keys Racing wheel and Grex weighted shift knob while securing both driver and passenger is done through a pair of Bride race seats – BRIX II for driver and XAX II for passenger. For the entertainment side of things, Insumran had his head unit upgraded (and able to play US radio stations) with a Pioneer 6500 flip-up screen that is also DVD capable. The speakers were also upgraded in their factory location with Pioneer units.

Dark Shadow - Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R (THUMBNAIL) 5

Now that it is known that this near 700 horsepower beast is far from stock, the question then remains – how do you plant it to the pavement? For this a set of 18-inch by 10-inch ultra-rare ADVAN Racing RA3DT (3-spoke) wheels were tossed on and wrapped in sticky Dunlop Direzza tires on all corners. Allowing for superior handling and some height adjustment is a set of JIC FLTA2 coilovers, yet another rare piece of the puzzle in the JDM parts game.

Dark Shadow - Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R (THUMBNAIL) 6

Out back shining like a piece of car jewellery is an HKS Hi-Power exhaust system that lets the hot gasses from the engine out and at times a burst of fuel-induced flames. Everything about this car is near perfect or ultra rare with a reflection on the body work unlike most new cars found on the lot. With the power that it makes and aftermarket goods installed, it is no wonder that Insumran’s GT-R is highly regarded amongst the Nissan community in North America.

Dark Shadow - Nissan Skyline BNR32 GT-R (THUMBNAIL) 7

With a legendary racing pedigree behind the iconic GT-R badge, this dark shadow GT-R is as close as it gets to the term purist. Only the very best and rarest of JDM parts went on to replace the factory pieces and an engine bay packing more horsepower than one could ever wish for. Nat Insumran is not your average tuner enthusiast, he is what you call an aficionado. Rumor has it that he is currently building an R33 GT-R to compliment this R32 and it will certainly be one to keep on the radar. It may not be the fastest or boldest looking creation on the streets of New York, but it is surely one that is will forever keep heads turning and admiration of all those who love Nissan’s iconic racer.

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Nat Insumran
Staten Island, New York, USA
1993 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R
556 hp @ 17 psi
Torque: 409 ft-lb


– Stock


– Bride BRIXX II Race Bucket Seat (Driver)
– Bride XAX II Race Bucket Seat (Passenger)
– Keys Racing Steering Wheel
– Grex Weighted Shift Knob

In Car Entertainment

– Pioneer 6500 Flip-Up Head Unit / DVD Player
– Pioneer Speakers

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– 18” x 10” ADVAN RA3DT Wheels
– Dunlop Direzza Tires

– OEM GT-R Brakes

– JIC FLTA2 Coilover Suspension
– Cusco Tension Rods
– OEM Front and Rear Strut Bars


– Trust TD06 turbo kit
– Trust stainless steel turbo manifold
– Trust external wastegate
– Proff Sheepdog Twin Blow-off Valves
– ARC 3-layer front mount intercooler
– HKS intercooler piping
– HKS Hi-Power exhaust
– HKS DD air filters
– Apex’i 270 cams in/ext
– Tomei metal gasket set
– Tomei fuel pressure regulator
– Tomei fuel pump
– Tomei 555cc injectors
– N1 oil pump
– N1 water pump
– Greddy oil catch can
– ARC Titanium cooling panel
– Nismo triple plate clutch
– OS Giken cross gears transmission
– Techtom MDM100 (Engine monitor display)
– Techtom IIC460 (Ignition cut control)
– Greddy Profec A boost controller
– Grid TS dancer (ATESSA controller)
– Garage Pole Position (ROM tune)