Cool Blue: Yamaha R6


Only great things could ever be said about the Yamaha YZF-R6. It was first launched into the market just over a decade ago (in 1999) as the little brother to the infamous R1, but has set great benchmarks in the sports bike world. Upon its introduction at the turn of the millennium, the R6 held the record as being the first 600cc-powered four-stroke motorcycle to produce over 100 horsepower in stock trim. There is no denying that the aggressive styling is eye catching, so much so that most the Yamaha motorcycle brand has greatly capitalized on it and there’s no blame game there. From every angle the R6 looks fierce like a praying mantis about to pounce on its prey.

The owner of this cool blue rocket is Sean “Liability” Vaill of Toronto, Canada. As a long time rider in the motor cross scene, Sean’s switch to sport bikes was a slight uphill battle having to learn some new skills in the different style of riding. However, unlike most other sport bike riders Sean is most comfortable putting the bike up on one wheel as he blazes through town – but at legal speeds… of course. After much searching, this R6 was up for grabs and he jumped on the opportunity having now owned it for some years and continuing with his customization of it.

The R6 is a beautiful bike from factory and Sean wanted to change things that would only compliment the already stunning looks. As such, the majority of pieces in the controls have remained in factory trim.

A set of Rizoma aluminum grips in an anodized blue finish replace the dull rubber factory pieces and are paired with a set of Pazzo adjustable levers in a black / blue.

Visible from miles away, the cool blue YZF-R6 now sports a set of custom powder coated white Yamaha wheels. Rubber of choice for the motor cross turned sport bike rider is none other than sticky Micheline Pilot Powers 2CT sized at 120 front and 180 at back. Many might be on the fence with Vaill’s decision on going with white wheels, but it truly ties the OE graphics package on the R6 making one wonder; why didn’t they do so at the factory in the first place?

Up front, a Sportech metallic blue windscreen ties in with the electric blue paint of the bike. For better visibility, a set of 6,000K HID lights replace the factory setup.

For a slight power adder and signature exhaust note, a Two Brothers Racing exhaust in carbon fiber and magnesium was fitted to the Yamaha header.

The final finish out back is in way of a custom integrated taillight assembly that brings the back end to a sharp point. Note the “Liability” decal on the tail as well, that is Vaill’s nickname. Long story short, his riding antics scared a more conservative rider causing him to yell at Sean that he was a “Liability rider” – truth is Vaill has more skill as a rider than most in the scene, but the nickname stuck so be it!

The Yamaha R6 is a very forward-looking design and has loads of power on the top-end, that is no doubt. When paired with Sean Vaill, it is simply a weapon on two wheels – in the good sense. Sure it might not be boosted, have insane stretch on the back or a custom paint job, but what this cool blue rocket represents is one man’s take on his dream ride and that’s good enough for anyone to appreciate. Ride on Sean, ride on!

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Sean “Liability” Vaill
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2007 Yamaha YZF-R6
135 hp
Club / Team Affiliation:


– 2007 OEM Yamaha Blue Colour Scheme
– Rizoma Anodized Blue Billet Aluminum Grips
– Pazzo Racing Blue / Black Adjustable Levers
– Custom Integrated Taillights
– 6,000K HIDs
– Sportech Metallic Blue Windscreen

Wheels / Tires / Brakes / Suspension

– YZF-R6 Wheels Custom Powder-coated White

– (F) Michelin Pilot Powers 2CT 120/70ZR17
– (R) Michelin Pilot Powers 2CT 180/55ZR17

– OEM Suspension Tuned by Pedro


– Two Brothers Racing Carbon Fiber Exhaust



Future Modifications

– ECU Re-Flash
– Two Brothers Racing Header Pipe

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