Blue Samurai: Mazda Miata Supercharged


First introduced in 1989 at the Chicago Auto Show by Mazda, the Miata otherwise known as the MX-5 has earned the right to be called the best sports car of all time. Since its introduction, there have been nearly 1-million sold around the world and at any given race day (amateur or pro level), one will find a slew of these small coupes thrashing through a road course with ease. Jason Woo of Toronto, Canada is no stranger to the Miata having not only built this daily driver, but also currently racing his ’99 MX-5 in various time attack series.

The once mild exterior was the first to change and with it came all the essentials for any weekend track warrior – more aero! The OEM lip and skirts were kept with the major additions being a custom vented OEM aluminum hood that has been wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl along with the AutoKonexion version 1 carbon fiber truck – also wrapped to match. Out back sits an MR55 carbon fiber rear spoiler with custom high mounts for added down force. For looks, Woo added a set of APR carbon fiber mirrors, NB2 taillights, Project-G acrylite roof spoiler, blacked out emblems and a 20% tint all around.

With the outside addressed, Woo quickly focused on the cockpit of this 10th anniversary edition Miata. From factory the Mazda came well equipped, but Woo wanted a more track-spec feel so in went a pair of Bride Vios 3 racing seats, G-Force 6-point harness, MOMO Jet Carbon 350mm steering wheel attached to an NRG quick release, and MazdaSpeed pedal set. The remaining interior was tweaked to fit a set of Defi Race Blue gauges (boost and oil temperature) and Innovate wideband O2 gauge for engine vital readouts. The final touch came in way of carbon fiber trim inside, custom dash lighting and blue accents (leather shift boot, carpet, and floor mats).

Seeing as Woo daily drives this track-ready Miata, the in-car entertainment had to be upgraded for his long commutes across the city. Without sacrificing too much, Woo had a custom installed and fully removable JL Audio 8-inch subwoofer fitted in the passenger foot well which pairs great with the factory Bose speaker system. Controlling the signals is thanks to a Kenwood DDX418 6.1-inch multimedia head unit.

Onto the power plant of this blue samurai and one can easily tell that it is far from stock. At first glance, the now painted-white engine boasts a BRP MP62 ported supercharger fitted with a 15psi pulley that is fed a cold charge through a TRD air-to-air intercooler. A large 70mm throttle body and six Mazda RX-8 425cc injectors provide the right mixture of air and fuel leaving the MegaSquirt 2 to do all the computing. Unlike what meets the eye, the BP6D 1.8-liter engine is far from factory spec with its ceramic-coated pistons, M-Tuned connecting rods and ARP studs. Add to that, a custom 4-2-1 exhaust header that feeds hot gasses out through a custom 2.25-inch system and into a Vibrant titanium muffler to the tune of 235whp and 192 ft-lbs of torque!

Planting the power down from the supercharged engine is thanks to an assortment of suspension goods including TEIN Monoflex coilovers, Racing Beat 1.125” hallow front sway bars, 949 Racing end links, Boss frog arms, and an adjustable shock tower bar. For rollers, Woo went in way of the Miata-enthusiasts’ choice of 15-inch 949Racing 6UL wheels sized at 9-inches all around and wrapped in sticky Toyo R1R 225/45R tires. For the much needed stopping power during his time attack runs, Woo had a set of Wilwood DynaPro front calipers with 11.75-inch rotors up front and Miata Sport 11-inch brake kit at back, both fitted with aggressive CarboTech brake pads. The final piece of the puzzle is a Wilwood brake proportioning valve – a must have for anyone doing any form of racing.

Within only a handful of years, Jason Woo has taken his once mild Miata into a realm of which there is no turning back. It is true when people say that racing is addictive and Woo is head deep. Following suit in the racing lineage of other Miatas, this blue samurai will be slicing its ways through corners and anyone who dares challenge it on the road course.

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Jason Woo
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1999 Mazda Miata (10th Anniversary Edition)
235 whp
192 lb-ft


– APR Carbon Fiber Mirrors
– Custom Vented OEM Mazda Miata hood wrapped in Carbon Fiber Vinyl
– MR55 Carbon Wing with Custom Mounts
– OEM Side Skirts
– OEM Rear Mud Guards
– OEM Front Lip
– NB2 Tail Lights
– Project-G Acrylite Roof Spoiler
– garageSTAR Front Licence Plate Mount
– Custom Black Emblems and Badges
– Custom Wrapped AutoKonexion Version 1 Carbon Fiber Trunk
– 20% Tint


– Bride Vios 3 w/ Low Max Bracket
– G-Force 6-point Harness
– MOMO Jet Carbon Wheel 350mm w/ Hook
– NRG Quick Release + Hub
– MazdaSpeed Pedal Set
– Innovate Wideband O2 Gauge & Sensor
– Defi Racer Blue Boost & Oil Temp Gauge
– Visor Blanking Plates
–  NB2 Center Console
– Compustar 2-way Alarm
– Custom Dash Lighting
– Custom Knurled Delrin Wrapped SS Knob
– Blue Leather Shift Boot
– Blue Carpet & Floor Mats
– Carbon Dash & Center Console Trim
– Stainless Steel Scuff Plates

In Car Entertainment

– Removable 8-inch JL Audio 8W0  subwoofer in passenger foot well
– Kenwood DDX418 6.1-inch Multimedia Unit
– Bose Speakers
– Bose Tweeters

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– 15” x 9” 949Racing 6UL +36
– 949 Racing Forged Lugs & Valve Stems
– ART Extended Wheel Studs’

– Toyo R1R 225/45R15

– (F) Wilwood DynaPro Front Calipers on Wilwood 11.75-inch Rotors
– (R) Miata Sport 11-inch brake kit
– (F) CarboTech XP10 Brake Pads
– (R) CarboTech XP8 Brake Pads
– Stainless Steel Brake Lines
– Wilwood brake proportioning valve

– Tein Monoflex 9kg (F) and 6kg (R)
– Racing Beat 1.125” Hollow Front Sway Bar
– OEM Rear Sway Bar
– 949Racing End Links
– Beatrush PPF Brace
– Flyin Miata Frame Rails
– CSC Roll Bar with Harness Bar
– Boss Frog Arms
– OEM Adjustable Shock Tower Bar


– BRP MP62 Ported Supercharger @15psi 62.5/115mm
– TRD Air-to-Air Intercooler
– 70mm Throttle Body
– Koyo 37mm Radiator
– DDM Works Cold Air Intake Box
– UNI Dual Stage Foam Air Filter
– Custom Ram Air Intake
– Built 2001 Mazda Miata VVT Engine with Ceramic Coated Pistons
– ARP Studs
– M-Tuned connecting rods
– Stainless Steel Clutch Lines
– SPEC Stage 2 Clutch
– (4) RX-8 425cc Injectors
– MegaSquirt 2 built and tuned
– Custom oil fitter relocation
– MazdaSpeed Competition Engine Mounts
– Rear Torsen LSD with 3.9-Gears
– 6-Speed OEM Transmission
– MiataRoadster Short Throw Shifter
– FlyinMiata Clutch Kit with 10lb Flywheel
– Custom 4-2-1 Exhaust Headder
– Vibrant Titanium Muffler and Resonator
– Custom 2.25-inch exhaust system
DeatschWerks DW200 fuel pump
– Motul 8100 X-Cess 5w40 Engine Oil
– Amsoil MTGQT Transmission Oil
– Amsoil SVGQT SEVERE Differential Oil


– OptionJDM

Special Thanks

– My girlfriend for putting up with my love of this car!

Future Modifications

6-point roll bar
– Dual throttle body
– Custom front splitter
– Custom rear diffuser
– Oil cooler