Blue Demon: Mitsubishi EVO IX GSR


In the world of tuner cars there are only a handful of cars which reign as king at both show and go, the Mitsubishi Evolution is one of them. In 1992, Mitsubishi launched the first generation of the Evo in order to compete in the World Rally Championship, packing a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine and 4WD drive train derived from the Galant VR-4. Fast forward two decades and it is no wonder as to why the Evolution has gained such praises both on and off the race track, having secured numerous wins in everything motorsports related from rally to time attack.

The lucky owner of this blue 9th generation Evolution is Ali Zafar hailing from North Babylon, New York. Like many tuner enthusiasts Zafar has owned a fair share of modified sport compacts, but nothing has captured his heart better than this beloved Evo. As Zafar explains, the car and him were destined to be together as it was a mere coincidence that the original owner was a mutual friend of his co-worker. Without much hesitation, Zafar made shook hands and took home the blue demon only to have it modified moments after. Throughout the past handful of years, the Mitsubishi has been gone through various transitions resulting in the current near finished masterpiece.

The first order of business for the Evo was in way of rollers. A set of 18-inch by 9-inch Advan RS-D wheels finished in Super Bright Chrome set the Evo apart from all others in the scene and are wrapped in 245/40R Falken rubber. Tucked just behind are the factory Brembo brakes that have been paired with a set of DBA slotted rotors all around and Works brake pads.

The clean look of the Evo’s front-end is thanks to a combination of VOLTEX parts including the front half spoiler and side skirts. Other touches to the front include a RALLIART hood vent, C-West eye lids, Kaixen 6,000 HID kit, a red Hella horn, Lexus wiper blades, and a full de-badge of the car. It is no doubt that the front-end of the late-gen Evolutions are fierce looking from factory, thankfully it only takes a little massaging to give it a more aggressive appearance.

Pop open the factory vented hood and what you have is a dressed and powered-up 4G63 engine. The engine has remained stock with the modifications focused on letting a cold air in and hot gasses out. An AMS front mount intercooler feeds the cold charge through Injen piping while a replacement paper filter sucks in the air into the turbocharger. With more power comes the need for more fuel, a Perrin fuel rail secures proper delivery of the lifeblood while an E-Spec ECU tune delivers the proper signals for horsepower. Releasing the hot gasses is in way of a Helix v2 down pipe thro Mega Racing test pipe that flows into a custom exhaust fitted with an HKS Carbon Ti muffler. Dress up bits include a RALLIART radiator shroud, Tomei spark plug cover, Titek carbon fiber timing belt cover, Titek carbon fiber hood shocks, HKS radiator cap, and an HKS oil cap.

The overall package that Zafar has come up with on his ’06 Evolution GSR is simply perfect. In no way has the Evo gone too far on the tuning spectrum as it encompasses a bit of both show and track appeal perfectly. Keep in mind that Zafar also daily drivers the blue demon in his native state of New York albeit not as fast as he would like.

Allowing for the perfect stance is thanks to a set of BC Racing BR-series coilover suspension. Further suspension mods include a CUSCO front strut bar, ROBISPEC 4-way adjustable rear sway bar and bushings. The side profile of the Evo is simply amazing with just the right amount of aggressive aero bits from VOLTEX to make it just right.

Inside the cockpit, Zafar continued with his mix of show ‘n go fitting a pair of Bride Vorga carbon fiber race buckets up front and wrapping the rear seats in Bride upholstery. Holding both driver and passenger snug are a pair of TAKATA race harnesses while a CUSCO 6-point bolt-in roll cage adds assurance in way of extra safety. The steering wheel is still a factory piece with the only change being that of a Rexspeed carbon fiber cover and just above sits a twin gauge pod from ATI that house a DEFI boost gauge and the AEM wideband. Other unique touches inside include a Tyrant carbon fiber arm rest, GReddy shift knob, custom L.E.D. interior lighting, Evolution sill plates in aluminum, and a Recaro Vivo carbon series child seat at back! For entertainment purposes, the head unit was replaced with a multimedia one from Jensen and custom mounted tweeters from Polk Audio.

Finishing off the rear of the blue demon is a massive VOLTEX carbon fiber GT type 5 rear spoiler that provides much-needed down force up top and an APR rear diffuser for the bottom. Other changes include a Rexspeed vortex generator similar to the one found on MR-edition Evolutions and a Carbing Craft carbon fiber plate surround. Last, but not least is the pair of JDM taillights that unlike the USDM version truly set the car apart from the rest of the pack.

What began like most projects as a daily driver has soon turned into a sport compact that can run with the best of them on the track and still take home awards at shows. The fine line that divides the show and go crowd has been walked by Ali Zafar and his 2006 Mitsubishi Evo – one that most attempt, but rarely succeed in balancing. With an estimated 400hp from the stock block, an array of JDM carbon fiber goods and rare VOLTEX aero pieces, this blue demon is one AWD machine that will continue its fanfare growth be it in the United States or Canada.

Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

The Specs

Ali Zafar
North Babylon, New York, USA
2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX GSR
400hp (Est.)
380 lb-ft (Est.)
Club / Team Affiliation: Toronto Tuner Syndicate and Tri State Evo.


– VOLTEX front half bumper spoiler
– VOLTEX side skirts
– VOLTEX carbon fiber GT Type 5 rear wing
– Beatrush front under panel
– APR rear diffuser
– Carbing Craft Carbon fiber rear plate surround
– RALLIART Hood vent
– C-West eye-lids
– Varis carbon fiber B-pillar trim
– OEM Mitsubishi window visors
– Rexpeed vortex generator
– S2000 shorty antenna
– Kaixen 6000k HID’s
– 30% tints
– Lexus wiper blades front and rear
– De-badged front and rear
– Custom vinyl decals
– JDM rear tailights
– JDM side markers
– Red Hella horns


– Bride Vorga carbon fiber  front seats with Bride seat rails
– Custom Bride wrapped rear seats with suede accents
– Custom Bride wrapped door panels
– CUSCO 6 point bolt-in roll cage
– CUSCO carbon fiber additional cross bars added to roll cage
– TAKATA long harness & eye bolts
– ATI steering column mounted gauge pod
– DEFI boost gauge
– AEM wideband
– BLITZ turbo timer (custom mounted where OEM clock was located in dash)
– GReddy counterweight shift knob
– Broadway convex rear view mirror
– Tyrant carbon fiber arm rest
– Recaro Vivo Carbon Series child seat
– Rexpeed Carbon Fiber Steering wheel cover
– L.E.D Interior lighting
– Aluminum Evolution front sill plates trim

In Car Entertainment

– Jensen in-dash flip out monitor and DVD player
– Polk Audio tweeters custom mounted on front door panels

Wheels | Tires | Brakes | Suspension

– Advan RS-D wheels 18×9 +25 all around and finished in Super Bright Chrome
– Falken 245/40R18 tires
– RAYS Engineering lug nuts

– (F) DBA 5000 2-piece slotted rotors
– (R) DBA 4000 slotted rotors
– Works brake pads
– Motul brake fluid

– BC Racing BR series coilovers
– CUSCO front strut bar
– ROBISPEC 4-way adjustable rear sway bar
– ROBISPEC trailing arm bushings
– ROBISPEC rear bump steer bushings

– Front and rear fenders rolled for wheel clearance


– E-Spec ECU tune
– AMS “new design” front mount intercooler
– Injen intercooler hard piping
– Votion T-bolt clamps on all couplers
– Stainless steel hex bolts kit
– Hallman master brake cylinder
– Walbro 255I fuel pump
– Perrin fuel rail
– Helix v2 down pipe
– Megan Racing test pipe
– HKS Carbon Ti exhaust with custom piping
– Weapon-R torque damper
– Weapon-R coolant resevoir
– Tomei spark plug cover
– STM battery tie down
– STM radiator brackets
– RALLIART cooling shroud
– Custom polished braided hoses with AN type fittings
– Polished aluminum exhaust manifold heat shield
– Titek carbon fiber timing belt cover
– Saiku Michi oil catch can
– Blox front engine mount
– Speed Source shifter bushings
– Mishimoto aluminum radiator
– Mishimoto silicone red coolant hoses
– Toyota super long life coolant
– MP Fab cam sensor shield
– HKS radiator cap
– HKS Oil Cap
– HKS DLI II Ignition Setup
– Titek Carbon Fiber hood shocks

Special Thanks

– My family and friends
– Tri State Evo
– Toronto Tuner Syndicate
– Tach Motor Works

Future Modifications

– CBRD BBK Turbo
– HKS 262 Cams
– AMS Intake Manifold
– AMS Carbon Fiber Roof

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