Abflug Mazda RX-7 GT-Spec


Founded in 1989, Abflug is what most would call a radical shop located in Japan. Like most tuner shops from the land of the rising sun, Abflug’s concept behind each build is to create a complete package of aero, power and driveability upgrades. The reason for being called a radical shop is due to their slightly odd aero designs which although highly function especially during their accomplished high speed (wangan) highway runs, look strange to most used to subtlety. Regardless, the RX-7 GT-Spec from Abflug is most definately one of the most recognized vehicles for its performance and lest not forget its in-your-face bright pink paint – the signature colour for this awesome shop.

Up front, Abflug used their GT-Spec aero kit complete with carbon fiber canards for improved down force. The OEM pop-up headlights (as they were popular in the 80s and 90s) have been replaced with a flush setup that not only look better, but also improve overall aerodynamic efficiency. As per usual, the factory hood was tossed aside for a carbon fiber piece that not only looks great, but also allows for air to be force fed into the turbo found just behind the vent.

Pop open the carbon fiber hood and what you find is a Mazda 13B rotary engine that has been pumped up to the tune of 450hp thanks to a massive HKS turbocharger and an Abflug custom ECU. As you can see, the engine has also been dressed up with polished pieces including the pipes and intake manifold. Hot exhaust gases exit through an Abflug 4-inch exhaust system and out through two racing-style canisters.

The side profile of the GT-Spec is all too unique. The fender set have been reworked with a widebody stretch to help tuck the wide Afblug six-spoke wheels and massive rubber wrapping them. The vehicle’s purpose was not only for track attack sessions, but also some high speed runs thus the design principal behind the aero package is streamlined for better air flow and down force. It may not be your style, but give credit where do for its originality in design.

Out back the entire vehicle has been transformed starting with the dual canister exhaust setup located in the middle to the two-tier high mount rear spoiler. You can tell the wide stance on this RX-7 is massive as even the fender flares can’t contain the stance, although it does add to its race car appeal.

Some might like this RX-7, otherwise won’t. One thing is for certain and that’s that this creation from Abflug is yet another sign of ingenuity found amongst Japanese tuning shops combining esthetics with performance for a true overall package. Check out the video below and see how this rotary rocket sounds – be prepared to drool.

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Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photos: Courtesy of Abflug