2016 Exotic Rides W70


The world of supercars always seems to be evolving, be it in way of technology or aerodynamic styling. In the case of Exotic Rides – an Orland-based auto maker – news quickly spread about their latest 600-horsepower supercar project labelled as the W70. Unfortunately, other than the renderings not much has come to fruition. The automotive industry is one of the toughest for any new car maker, let alone one specializing in high-priced supercars.


The design of the W70 is far from ever being considered unique, resembling the Ferrari LaFerrari more so than anything else on the road. Australian automotive design David Williams was brought on board for the concept drawings that take cues from the LaFerrari including its overall shape, scissor doors, and 458 Italia-esk headlights / taillights.


The overall stance of the W70 is quite mesmerizing. Massive concave double-five spoke wheels wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero rubber give it a true modern-day touch, especially as most supercars nowadays are offered with lack-luster wheel designs.


Open the rear hatch and what you have powering this conceptual supercar is a General Motors’ 7.0-liter LS7 pushrod V8 engine that puts out 600-horsepower from factory. No hints of any forced induction mated to the torque-happy V8, but given the power figures it is in the safe range amongst current supercars on the market. Provided that the chassis and body work aren’t made of supercar-dated materials like steel and aluminum, performance figures should be inline with bigger powered counterparts good for 200+ mph!


Again, other than what has been released by Exotic Rides not much more is known as to the W70 including the production date which was slated for 2015. Given that the new year is just around the corner, it is safe to bet that just like many supercar dreams of the past, this one will end up as nothing more than a figment of one’s imagination.


Truth be told, the world would gladly welcome another supercar to rival that of the usual stable offerings from Italy and Germany. If by luck the Exotic Rides W70 becomes a reality, it better be more powerful than the V12 giants and outperform the benchmark set by the budget $122k Nissan GT-R and that’s a huge mountain to climb as is.