Wheels of FITTED Toronto 2016


The FITTED Toronto show brought out a great selection of stanced rides and a handful of fresh builds that made their debut. With the new car show season well underway, it seems that many have upgraded their car’s jewellery aka wheels. Unlike previous years, it seems that the “concave wheel” trend has passed and things are more subtle, but detail oriented. Here are just a few of the favourites captured that day.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--24 copySpotted on this slammed VW Jetta are a set of flush-looking CC10 WatercooledIND Wheels in a gold finish and with no lip! These wheels are made-to-order in America and a rare find. 

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--152 copyThis bagged big-body Audi is sitting on a set of massive brushed-finish Avant Garde AG Function Series F162 wheels with gold rivets. The retro German look of the wheel is a perfect match for this Bavarian beast.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--66 copyNot the usual pairing of wheel to car especially for a BMW M3 – as it’s usually BBS. Don’t these bright gold rollers look like they came off a vintage Lamborghini Diablo?

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--114 copyAn all time favourite and classing wheel for enthusiasts is the CCW Hybrid SP100. CCW is a long-standing brand in the wheel game and were recently acquired by WELD Wheels, a giant in the wheel industry.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--106 copyThe term legend doesn’t even compare to what words could be used to describe the Volk Racing TE37 wheel. From championship winning racecars using them on track for over a decade to an ever growing fanfare from tuner enthusiasts, this is the wheel. This particular set is the new TE37ULTRA found on GaleForce’s Varis Arising II 370Z. Lightweight, forged, and the perfect colour.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--82 copyIf you’re a fan of true JDM goodness, this VIP Toyota Celsior was perfect. These polished rollers seem to be rocking Work VS center caps, but the design is not by them. Regardless, they suite the gangster look of this two-toned saloon.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--96 copyThe most impressive rollers at the show is by far this set of massive 19″ RSV Forged RSF1 wheels. Finished in a beautiful bronze and sized wide enough for grippy rubber to do its job in the traction department – esp as this is the powerful “World War Z” Camaro.

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