Rimac’s Concept_One Kills a LaFerrari and P90D in a Drag Race


In 2009, Mate Rimac started small company called Rimac Automobili based near Zagreb, Croatia. His vision was to create “…a hard-core technology company with the mission to re-shape different industries and bring sportscars to the next level.” Since then, plans were set forth for the creation of Concept_One and soon after the debut at various shows including the Frankfurt Motor Show. Many had doubts as to Rimac’s realistic achievements given a small team of only 150 and a limited budget unlike the giants of Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, and even Tesla.

Rimac's Concept_One Beats a LaFerrari and P90D in a Drag Race (1)

For those not familiar with the specs of the limited production Concept One here’s the scoop: four electrical motors produce upwards of 1088-horsepower and 1180 ft-lb of instant torque! Furthermore, a launch from 0-100 km/hr takes just 2.6-seconds and is capable of reaching top speed of 355 km/h. In the words of the company,

“The supercar of the future. Today.” 

Rimac's Concept_One Beats a LaFerrari and P90D in a Drag Race (2)

Despite the spec claims, going up against its electric rival the P90D or even the LaFerrari is no easy feat now or for the long haul. According to Mate Rimac,


  1. Tons of power and torque. With four motors that have 1600 Nm of torque (1180 lb-ft) at basically zero RPM and well over 1000 hp, the Concept_One has enough torque and power to keep its tires busy even at high speeds.
  2. Cooling. The Concept_One has seven independent cooling systems and several smaller sub-systems. We have worked really hard to maximize the performance for track use and not just for a couple of acceleration runs.
  3. Gearbox. Each of the four motors is connected to an independent gearbox. While the front motors have single-ratio reduction gearboxes, each rear motor has its own two-speed dual-carbon-clutch gearbox. This helps us to have great acceleration while also having a very high top speed. Most importantly, it allows the Concept_One to accelerate very quickly even at high speeds.’

Rimac's Concept_One Beats a LaFerrari and P90D in a Drag Race (3)

The 3-way drag race that ensues proving Rimac’s specs will be a challenge. The Tesla Model S P90D is fast, especially in Ludicrous Mode capable of doing a 10-second pass on the drag strip. However, the LaFerrari is another beast of its own pushing out 789-hp from its V12 engine and an additional 161-hp on tap through electrical motors. The LaFerrari’s specs puts it at a sprint from 0-100 km/h in 2.69-seconds.

Rimac's Concept_One Beats a LaFerrari and P90D in a Drag Race (4)For the drag race, YouTuber and British racing driver Archie Hamilton got behind the wheel of the powerfulLudicrous Mode-ready P90D taking on the Concept_One. It was a walk in the park for the electric Rimac supercar, but next came the LaFerrari. As if time stood still, the LaFerrari was left behind with the Concept_One dashing to triple figure speeds as if was a fighter jet.

Be sure to check out the full video (above) and prepare to take in the future of automobiles. Electric cars are here, they’re very real, and they’re smashing supercars like a walk in the park – Nikola Tesla would be proud.

Video: Archie Hamilton Racing