Pfaff Pagani Unleashes the Zonda R at CTMP

1 rare hypercar, 750hp on tap, and an open race track ready for the taking.


In the world of exclusivity and hypercars the Pagani Zonda R reigns as king. First debuted in 2009 as the ultimate track car and priced at an estimated $2.2-million, the R proves that faster truly is better.

On a crisp morning at Canadian Tire Motorsports ParkPfaff Pagani brought out the stunning Zonda R and a valued (wealthy) customer in-tow to open the taps on the750hp AMG V12-powered beast. Thankfully, pro driver Chris Green was on hand to truly showcase the R’s potential around the technical Canadian race track and unleash the engine’s symphony!

Turn up your speakers for this one and gawk at the beauty that is the Zonda R.