Massive Multi-Car Crash at the 2016 Nissan Micra Cup in Calabogie


Motorsports and crashes go hand-in-hand, but are often not caught on camera. Thankfully driver Brian Makse (#13) of the Guelph | Waterloo Nissan racing team in the Nissan Micra Cup series had his GoPro mounted to the roll cage.

The race weekend kicking off the 2016 season was held at Calabogie Motorsports Park, located near Ottawa, Canada. During the start of Race 2 on Sunday, the grid of Micra Cup (109hp) cars head into Corner 2 and get caught up in what looks like a pinball game with a pack of up to 8 cars bouncing off each other. Running in the 18th (qualified) position, driver Brian Makse caught all the scary action as it unfolded before him. Brian’s great skill behind the wheel in spotting the crash (within milliseconds) and maneuvering around it is truly amazing to see. Thankfully Brian and the drivers involved in the crash all come out unscathed!

Fast forward to 0:31 in the video below, where the crash carnage starts.

The Nissan Micra Cup is a fun and affordable spec-series running in Ontario and Quebec. The cars are standard 1.6-litre, 4-cylinder, 109hp Nissan Micra’s that are stripped and made race-ready with a roll cage, safety equipment, an upgraded suspension kit, and Pirelli race tires.

By the looks of the video below, it was gruesome and at a very high rate of speed. One car catches air while a couple others do multiple rollovers. 

We were fortunate to be at the race during the incident, however we were at the front-straight when it happened. As soon as the radios started going off about the crash, we rushed to Corner 2 to see what had happened.


Here is what the cars looked like after the massive crash. The vehicle construction and safety equipment are truly what saved the drivers’ lives. Thankfully, no one was hurt… just a few Micras.