Hennessey’s Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is 800hp of Supercharged Madness!

Is 526hp too little in your GT350? Hennessey has an 800hp package that will shred tires and smash the 1/4-mile.


The name “Hennessey” is synonymous with horsepower and speed. Based in Houston, Texas, the powerhouse American tuning company has stuck its wrenches into the new Ford Mustang Shelby GT350. From the factory, this naturally-aspirated V8 beast puts out an impressive 526 horsepower and delivers 429 lbs. ft of torque, but that is never enough – is it?

Thankfully, Hennessey Performance recently debuted their HPE800 (supercharger) kit and just as the numbers suggest, it’s rated at 800+ horsepower and 657 lbs. ft of torque. Launching from 0-60mph takes only 3.3-seconds and it hits the quarter-mile mark in 10.8-seconds.

Fast forward to 2:42 in the video and be sure to turn your speakers up. This Shelby GT350 roars and launches like a wild pony on steroids!