TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet


TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet
Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
Mount Hope, Ontario, Canada
July 12th, 2015

It’s not often that unique automotive events are created anymore, as they’re usually hosted at convention centers or parking lots. For the TrueNorth car clubs (Mercedes-Benz and BMW), their mid-season meet was hosted at none other than the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. The venue is spectacular with warplanes scattered about on the pavement and even more inside the museum building itself. Over 100 cars showed up ranging from the popular sport models like the M3, M4, C63 AMG, and others.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -36

By mid-morning, cars began piling into the museum grounds and parking in a semi-circular layout, making for a great photo-op from the building’s roof!

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -40

The perfect example of what this mid-season meet is all about, cool cars and wicked planes – case in point, this C63 AMF Coupe rolling on HRE wheels.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -42

The one time whereby BMW and Mercedes-Benz fans can actually get together without bickering, kidding. It was great to see the evolution of each brand and also the various tuning styles of the TrueNorth club members.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -8

It wouldn’t be a car event without some eye-candy in the form of beautiful models, three to be exact. Posing with a smile in front of a new Merc is the lovely Ridha Yoshinori – she’s just so damn cute!

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -12

BMW’s E30 generation is truly magnificent in any form, be it the coveted M3 or even as a simple 3-series sedan. This gunmetal beauty has had some mileage clocked on her, but is still looking fresh thanks to the minor touches.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -6
When one thinks of a BMW M3 (E36 specifically), this comes to me – at least for me it does. Owned by long-time BMW fanatic Carl De Souza, this clean specimen is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Even a handful of years after first spotting it, it still takes my breath away.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -26

Red rollers on a blue 4-series, what a great combo! It’s not often that you see this colour combination on German cars as they tend to be more conservative than other car enthusiasts, but it’s pulled off well here.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -29

Even though this wasn’t an Audi-esk event, there were still some four-ring models found on the grounds. This slammed beauty popped just by the brilliant red paint, but if that wasn’t enough the massive rollers tucked would surely catch your attention.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -20

Who ever said gold was just for jewellery? Take this supercarged V8 as an example, the gold is used for heat dissipation similar to that of high-end supercars and race cars.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -18

The rear of this C63 AMG is a sight to remember, especially with the carbon rear lip spoiler and aggressive lower diffuser.

TrueNorth Mid-Season Meet - GP_AMF -33

After a handful of hours at the museum checking out the vintage planes, talking to some Canadian Air Force veterans, and drooling over the assortment of German cars, it was time to call it a day. The weather was hot and muggy as expected for this time of year, but that didn’t stop hundreds of cars from across Ontario gathering at this iconic meet location. If there’s anything to be said, it’s that the True North car club are not only a great bunch to hang with, but a cultured bunch as well. Here’s to another successful event and the hopes of more in the near future.

A big thanks to Timz Fung for the invite, all the volunteers, and the True North members for making this a great experience for all!

For more information, please visit BMW True North and Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum