TOPPS Drift Day (Season Finale)


TOPP Drift Day (Season Finale)
Shannonville Motorsports Park
Shannonville, Ontario, Canada
October 6th, 2012

Held once again at what has be come to known as “Ontario’s House of Drift” at Shannonville Motorsports Park, TOPPs held their season finale track day bringing both grip style and drifters alike out to play. As soon as the gates opened, cars began pulling in along with many trailers housing some of the pro-level drift machines. Even though the weather was less than desirable on this chilly October day, the atmosphere was fired up – it’s race day after all.

As per usual it was a big turn out with a large showing of spectators as well. There are always tons of familiar cars and faces like Riley Sexsmith, Patrick Cyr, Brad Carlton, Marin Guilbault and most of the well known CSCS drifters.

Known all-out drifter Brad Carlton was flying into corner one early on in the morning even though track conditions were still very damp. Whether it was wet or not Brad was making this corner all day long with an aggressive wide entry.

Two guys you’ll recognize from CSCS, Marin Guilbault and Dugan Magee having a casual day at the track! Sadly out of shot, Brent Stratton is chasing both of them down and is transitioning into the corner.

This was probably the cleanest shot I got all event of this Zenki S14, a driver I don’t think I’ve seen many times before at previous events – either that or he didn’t stand out, but he was noticed this time around!

Teammates Francisco Becerra and Pat Cyr getting door to door on the final corner! Any closer and you’d have to fold in the mirrors, but let’s not forget about Brad either – as he’s sitting right out of frame from this shot but coming in hard onto the front straight.

Just because this Cefiro is so clean doesn’t mean it won’t get dirty on the track, Liam Kirby knows how to throw down.

There were so many great tandem runs out there like this friendly battle between Guilbault and Sexsmith, getting closer and closer the more times they ran.

The season finale simply kicked ass and was a perfect wrap up to this year’s drifting fun despite the cold temperature. There has never been a bad moment at any of these events as it’s a shame the season is closing. Everyone said 2012 was going to be an even better year than 2011 and they were right, so I’m hoping 2013 will follow suit! Everyone here at AMF is looking forward to another great season with TOPPs – we can’t wait to see what they bring for us in the new year!

Notable mentions to Blake Trickey and the staff of Shannonville Motorsports for the track time given to AMF to test out the 2012 Mazda MX-5 and see what it can do. Be sure to stay tuned on an upcoming Thursday for the Test Drive feature!

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Words & Photos: Ben Fry

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