TOPP Drift Day 2013 – Canada Day


TOPP Drift Day 2013 – Canada Day
Shannonville Motorsport Park
Shannonville, Ontario, Canada
July 1st , 2013

What a better way to spend Canada’s 146th birthday then at Shannonville Motorsport Park for some crazy drifting action! It may not have been the sunniest and warmest day but the overcast made it perfect for photos. It was a great turn out, lots of drivers and spectators came out for the day. A large majority camped out the night before and had a “huge fire” that got them in quite a bit of trouble. It was pretty stupid and I hope it doesn’t happen again, we don’t need to lose our privileges at this track. Everyone likes to party and get crazy, just don’t do it at Shannonville!

There were a lot of familiar faces and a few different guys I haven’t seen out or in a while. Drifters Anonymous was all out minus Joel Fallaise as he is in the midst of getting himself a new drift car. One driver which has improved greatly is that of Jordan Cailes getting inches away from the wall and even hitting it at one pointing putting a pretty nice scar in the back bumper. Miguel came late in day, but threw down some very solid runs as always. Marin was having a bit of car trouble causing his car to run pretty poorly, but he still managed to always put on a great show for everyone. Brent and the mustache came in hard at the last corner hitting the wall, the light hit snapped his car the other way and smashed up his front fender a little bit again, no major damage!

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 2

Patrick Cyr also made an appearance in his Scion FR-S for some testing. This new drift race car for Cyr retains the stock 2.0-liter Subaru boxer engine and is matted to a Garrett turbocharger good for just shy of 400 horsepower? I always thought I’d be worried about not seeing the AE86 out there, but Pats Scion FR-S is just so raw, dirty and mean. It’s perfect for him.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 3

It’s always nice to see Yazan flying out there in his Miata. I even recall at one point half way through the day he came in fast on the last corner and smoked the wall pretty good, but kept control.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 4

Jordan Cailes of Drifters Anonymous hasn’t competed in CSCS before like his teammates, but he plans to come out to Mosport for a debut run. Early in the morning Jordan took me out for a ride along and it was awesome to say the least.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 5

You always keep your eyes where you want to go, even I can’t take my eyes away from it. Jordan also has a pretty mean race face to.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 6

Dylan Sharpe was unable to bring down the legendary LS1-powered 180sx due to transmission / clutch problems, so instead he brought down the cute little Mazda Eunos (aka JDM Miata) to shred some tires.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 7

Like every event, the tire changing crew is always ready at your service to throw some fresh new rubber on that rim for you.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 8

I got to go out for another spin with Alex Derus, he thought he owed me a ride for all the photos I’ve taken of him which was really nice! I love Alex’s car and his driving style so it was a total thrill to be out with this guy. If you look through our gallery you’ll see his pretty crazy camber set up.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 9

This beautiful work of art was drawn by Kirill Melemad on the driver door of Marin Guilbault, a very familiar name you might know if you have seen the documentary on Marin called A Useless Art.

TOPP Drift Day 2013 - Canada Day (THUMBNAIL) 10

Tons of tires were shredded and ripped apart to celebrate Canada birthday. Working on 2 hours of sleep the night before didn’t seem to bother me as much as I thought as the sound of tires screaming and rev limiters hitting is my form of coffee. It was nice to see everyone again, meet some new faces and match names to cars.

With clear sky and lots of sideways action throughout the day, once again TOPP Drift pulled through with another amazing event. It’s always a pleasure to watch both amateur and pro drivers on the same course sharing the passion and love that drifting brings to all gear heads. Be sure to catch the next Topp Drift Day event happening July 12, 2013 from  5:00pm until dark. Only $5 for skid pad  and $40 for track – not a bad deal at all.

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Words & Photos: Ben Fry
Video: Marin Guilbault