TOPP Drift 2015 | Sept 7, 2015


TOPP Drift 2015
Shannonville Motorsports Park
Shannonville, Ontario, Canada
September 7th, 2015

One of the most popular event series in Ontario is TOPP Drift. Essentially it is a grassroots drifting event where drivers pay a small fee to enter the track and they can drift on it or the skid pad all day. What sets TOPP Drift apart from other drifting events is that there is no competition. Everyone is out on the track practicing or mastering his / her skills in a safe and controlled environment.


Another thing that sets TOPP Drift apart from any other event that I’ve been to is that spectators/drivers can camp at the track the night before. Since this was my first TOPP Drift, I figured if I’m going to experience it I might as well go all out. It was safe to say that I was not disappointed. Since Shannonville is far out into the country there is barely any light pollution, as such at night the stars just above our heads were truly breathtaking. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few shots with my friend’s BMW drift car.


In the morning the drivers made their way to the driver’s meeting and then it was off to the track. Spectators have the opportunity to go for ride-a-longs in the drift cars or just watch from the sidelines. Once on the track everyone took a few warm up laps before starting to go around corners sideways. I had the chance to ride with newer drivers and some more experienced drivers.


Sadly, not everyone was having a good day. Throughout the day there were 2 crashes – both on the same corner, however the drivers were okay and shook it off. It is grassroots drifting after all.


Brad’s Cressida was one of my favorite cars sliding on the track, especially as I have wanted to build a Cressida for a long time. It felt so natural seeing this car sliding around the corners.


Although there were a few other nice cars out there sliding (like S15s, R34s, etc) no drifting event is complete without seeing a few S13s thrashing around the track like our friend Brent from Drifter’s Anonymous.


Back at the pits, everyone is willing to help to do whatever it takes to get a car back on the track – that’s what its all about. No competition, just a big group of people who love to slide around corners and want to have a good time with others.


To sum it up, TOPP Drift is something everyone should experience at least once throughout the summer. We’ve been covering this event since it started years ago and continue to support grassroots motorsports, as should you! So be sure to check out another round of TOPP Drift, you won’t regret it!