Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 – Part 5


Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

Makuhari Messe
Chiba City, Japan
January 14th-16th, 2012

As we approach the closing chapters (part 5 of 7) of our week-long coverage from Tokyo Auto Salon, we take a slight departure from our normal feature of cars and focus on a few unique showcase pieces. Whether you’re a fan of German bruisers or Japanese speedsters, this coverage is for those that like to live on the wild side.

The VeilSide display encompassed modified Japanese tuner cars like the full-body conversion Supra to the 370Z, but on the other side of their booth sat these two German giants. On the left is none other than a Mercedes-McLaren SLR and on the right is an SL AMG of the Black Series kind. Despite being almost a decade old, the SLR still looks amazing when compared to its baby cousin SL. As usual VeilSide is offering these unique aero kits in limited quantities and we can only assume for a pretty penny as well.

Yes, it’s true that the Japanese have gone insane with their tuning ways. What you see is a Lexus CT200h tweaked by BLITZ and looking great with that blue-tipped exhaust system on display, hence the mirror under the rear of the car.

Volk Racing showed off one of their newest wheels, the G12 on this ubber rare Lexus LF-A. Red wheels and red interior – check.

As most would say, “Because Race Car.” This is in face a Toyota Prius race car for the Super GT (formerly known as the Japanese Grand Touring Championship – JGTC). I wonder what the gas mileage is like after a race?

The rear end of a Prius has never looked better! Widebody and race-spec anyone?

The Japanese have once again proven that if you want to recruit better police staff, build awesome looking cars with negative camber.

Rotary god and RX-7 legend RE Amemiya displayed a stable of turbocharged Mazdas like this yellow rocket and a carbon fiber one next to it, complete with a Porsche headlight conversion.

Rotary engine and carbon fiber, the perfect balanced diet for any track warrior!

This odd looking RX-7 conversion is Amemiya’s latest creation, the “Super NA-7” and we love it!

Not to forget the RX-8 fans, here’s one for you all. Despite the RX-8 not having as strong of a fan fare as its previous sibling, the modifications for this platform are also endless. You have to love the insane graphics on this machine!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 5 of our multi-part coverage from Tokyo Auto Salon!

Words: Giancarlo Pawelec
Photos: NextMod

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