Spring Break Nationals 2011 (Overview)


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

Spring Break Nationals 2011
Ocean Center
Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
March 19th-20th, 2011

This year, the International Auto Sound Challenge Association (IASCA) threw down on another stellar Spring Break Nationals event held at the Ocean Center in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. For those unaware of what IASCA or SBN are, if you’re into audio / visual upgrades or sound-off competitions, this is the must-go show kicking off the season.

If in car entertainment isn’t entirely your thing, there were also a slew of other vehicles on display ranging from low riders, off-road lifted trucks, classics, American muscle and a dedicated hall for competitors in the tuner scene. Regardless of your taste, there was something for everyone and by the sounds of it… enough music played to make anyone dance the convention hallways!

Like donks? Like bonks? Like older cars with gigantic wheels, custom paint and insane audio setup? This American classic caught my eye immediately with its unique look and immaculate fit and finish.

For those seeking a little female eye candy, the stage was packed with models and amateurs alike for the bikini contest – always a favourite at any show! I wonder how many of those “photographers” took pictures for “work-related” reasons… LOL!

The best looking Dodge Viper that I’ve ever seen and in an all round package with paint, body work, wheels, audio / visual upgrades and sweet interior. We look forward to featuring this unique ride in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Our friend “Frenchie” from Team Urban Tuners brought down his Super GT-inspired R32 with R34 conversion GT-R to the show and is sporting the AMF line stickers! Want one for your ride too? Get them HERE!

No, those aren’t the backup servers for the New York Stock Exchange… just a slew of batteries and wiring that power one of the many sound-off competition vehicles… Wow!

When people at football games talk about tail gate parties, I’m sure they didn’t think of this! I stopped counting at 14… how many speakers can one really put into an Accord wagon? These audio heads are insane… simply insane!

Despite the dB battles happening in the background which is simply two cars going head-to-head in a sound off to see who gets the highest dB rating, this baby was passed out. LOL! The baby boy is sporting a Sundown Audio t-shirt and is a fellow audiophile! Could he be the 2020 dB champion?

The SBN special guest, hip hop DJ, die-hard car guy and all-round awesome guy… Funkmaster Flex showing some love! Nice colours too… gotta get some blue in there too to be a true AMF fan *t-shirt on it’s way* LOL!

The oh-so-beautiful Kendra Rice showing some Florida love to AMF! Thank you for the support and RWAR to you too!

In the tuner section, this matte black “chalkboard” Miata caught my attention with the gold wheels and creative concept. Sure it doesn’t pack a 400whp engine or time-attack rear wing, but it is hand built by a true enthusiast. AMF will be featuring this in the coming days so stay tuned!

This 2nd generation Lexus GS caught my eye… immediately. It features a complete Junction Produce aero kit, Junction Produce accessories inside like pillows and window curtains, a custom interior and the best fit n’ finish in any VIP-inspired vehicle that I have ever seen. Glad to see that the GS-series from Lexus is still a fan favourite!

So, which is your favourite ride? Who’s your favourite model? Which audio / visual company do you support? Post your comments below!

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