SEMA 2012: Day 3 | Presented by MegaSpeed


SEMA 2012: Day 3 | Presented by MegaSpeed
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
November 1st, 2012

Day 3 of SEMA continues with an assortment of cars ranging from tuner to muscle and even a monster truck! It is interesting to note that as the days of this car show go on, the high energy atmosphere coupled with the noise level begin to dwindle down. Walking through the various halls it is great to see auto manufacturers embrace the aftermarket industry and build one-off creations that capture the interest of not only industry folk, but enthusiasts alike.

In the Kia booth were a selection of cars done up like superheros. This Kia Optima was made in the Batman theme complete with graphics, custom aero, paint, and the obvious black / yellow colours.

Over at the Shining Monkey booth sat the beautiful Canadian-built Top Tuner Scion FR-S. Amongst the Scion Canada FR-S Tuner Challenge, this is our favorite as it is not over-the-top track oriented, but still able to hold its own.

This 1970 Camaro built by the Ring Brothers was unveiled in the BASF booth. Everything about this masterpiece is of the highest quality including that vintage-looking green paint.

Two of the many beautiful models at the show. Blonde or brunette – the battle will never end.

This Dodge Charger named “Punishment” was clean as ever with smoothed out body lines, two-tone grey / black theme, and powering it was a fully built new-age HEMI – but of course!

If you’re a fan of monster trucks than the name Grave Digger should make you jump out of your seat. After many seasons of competition, it seems that this champion truck has gotten a shiny make over thanks to Spectra Chrome paint. Who ever said that bad-ass trucks can’t look good too?

Another masterpiece creation from the Ring Brothers that made everyone in the Optima battery booth stop in their tracks. This orange carbon fiber Mustang puts out a massive 740 horsepower and like any Ring Brothers creation it doesn’t just look good, it also drives great! This is by far one of the best vintage Mustangs ever built and hopefully we can feature it in the coming months.

In the world of Euro tuning, the Audi S4 is royalty. This German bruiser is wrapped in an orange matte 3M vinyl and slammed on a set of Rotiform wheels.

One of the latest creations from the NSX gods at Science of Speed is this widebody / track attack Honda S2000. Everything about this car is perfect both inside and out. Be sure to keep your tab on this coupe as it will surely be going around the net with the buzz building over it.

For the rotary fans, here’s one of the rare RX-7s found at the show. If one thing’s for certain it is that this track beast not only puts down serious horsepower, but also looks impeccable while doing so. gotta love the front carbon fiber diffuser – pure JDM goodness!

Stay tuned all week long as we continue with updates LIVE from SEMA 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada!

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Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

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