Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015


Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015
Fireman’s Park
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
June 7th, 2015

Back for another year and growing at a steady pace, the annual Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo kicked off on a sunny Sunday morning at Fireman’s Park in Niagara Falls, Canada. This unique event encompasses everything automotive with a great diversity ranging from slammed mini trucks to lifted ones, supercharged muscle cars to stanced-out tuners, and the odd ball build thrown in for good measure. As per usual, many American supporters crossed the border to battle in the show ‘n shine competition, in particular the Nokturnal Car Club coming out with a strong team of 10+ cars!

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 2

Upon arriving at 8am, we were quick to setup and had brought out our latest #TestDrive review car – the new and improved 2015 Ford Mustang V6, courtesy of Ford Canada. Not only did this 307-hp beast get 9.0L/100km heading to Niagara Falls, it also fit the entire booth setup in the trunk and with the rear seats folded down – that’s what you call practical!

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 3

Our good friends at AMS came out to show their support and showcased three unique 300ZX builds as well as a couple 8th-gen Honda Civics.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 4

For the motorcycle-fiends, there were plenty of beautiful builds scattered about the park. This particular cafe racer caught the attention of on-lookers and uses a late 70s Honda CX500 as the starting point.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 5

It’s no question that this Civic coupe is owned by a female tuner-head and chances are, she’s a big fan of Chanel given the theme carrying throughout the car.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 6

It wouldn’t be Niagara TNT without the “T” part – trucks! In this case, a sweet looking Jeep ready for some off-road goodness and looking sharp with red accents and that massive light-bar on top.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 7

Love VIP-style cars? Well this Acrua from the Liberty VIP car club is stellar. It’s slammed, tucked, and shiny – simply perfect.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 8

It’s not often that you see two stanced cars back-to-back at Niagara TNT, but this year was different. This beautiful purple Nissan 240SX rolled in from Toronto and has been catching the eyes of many having won awards at ever show it appears at! Stay tuned as we feature this car in the coming weeks.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 9

GMC makes some mean trucks, but add some air-ride suspension, massive chrome rollers, and perfect black paint with that smooth glass-finish and what you end up with is this gem.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 10

It was great to see Ryan’s Dip ‘n Low Mazda3 that we featured last year come out to the show.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 11
One of the most beautiful vehicles at the show was this ’55-59 Chevrolet Task Force pickup truck or better known as the “Blue Chip Series”. Standard options and add-ons for this new truck from GMC included a 12-volt electrical system, a V8-engine, and three types of truck-bed lengths. Nostalgia and facts aside, the presence of this LIVNLOWW pickup was enough to make people gawk.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 12

Yup, it wouldn’t be Niagara without some unique creature coming out. Last year it was a baby goat, this year it’s a baby pot-belly pig and damn was it cute!

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 13

Being Niagara, no show would be complete without a proper dirty off-roader like this modified Jeep.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 14

By early afternoon, it was time for the bikini show to get underway. A handful of models from the show got dolled up and put on the skimpy attire and showed it off runway-style for the crowd to cheer.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 15

Shortly after the bikini show, it was time for those brave or silly enough to line up for the car limbo competition. This is by far the highlight of the show as it is not only stressful to watch (especially during the last rounds), but also hilarious as to what people will do just to get their car low enough to advance.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 16

Although many cars made the first round of the limbo competition, it was usually the radio antennas that touched the bar and pushed the competitors out.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 17

For others the strategy was simple, get the biggest people you know to sit on the car in whichever way possible. In this case, there’s nothing stopping these two guys from crawling under the hood for that added inch of drop.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 18

In the case of this already slammed Miata, it was a village needed to get the car low enough to take the win.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 19

Shortly after the car limbo was the loudest exhaust battle to which many tried, but yet again this “Acrophobia” truck took the win just as it did the previous year.

Niagara Tuner & Truck Expo 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 20

The weather was perfect, the crowds were friendly, and the cars were diverse making for yet another successful event! A big thanks go out to all the competitors, sponsors, and most of all the Nine-O-Five Rides crew / volunteers for making the show possible. With the on-going success of this great show, one can only imagine how they’ll top things for next year. So remember, whether you’re into trucks, tuners, or something else… there’s always a show for you and Niagara TNT Expo never disappoints!

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