MLRC Rallycross Championship


MLRC Rallycross Championship
Fish and Game Club, Golton Field
Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
February 24th, 2012

It was a snowy and cold Sunday as I made a trip up to the small cottage town of Bancroft, Ontario for the second MLRC Rallycross event at the Fish and Game Club, Golton Field – the same spot they hold one of the Special Stages for the Rally of the Tall Pines. Cars are grouped into four categories under front, rear, non-turbo four-wheel, and turbo four-wheel drive making it reasonably fair for everyone. The track was extraordinarily icy underneath the snow that eventually got kicked up. Conditions were tough that sand was put down on some spots in the afternoon to add more grip for the competitors. The competition was also judged on overall time, so if you spun or got stuck it hindered your chances at placing although it was nearly impossible not to do so.

The big advantage of this event is that you can essentially bring any car you want. Most common vehicles are the Subaru Imprezza wagon because of its four-wheel drive and the fact that they are fairly affordable. For a $50 entry fee, the fun of this rallycross event outweighs what one drives to be honest. One could even bring mom’s minivan out for a lap!

Point in case this Dodge Caravan people-mover. This competitor placed second in his class and from what I heard it made for a great rally car because of its weight giving it a lot of grip on the icy conditions.

CSCS drifter, Dylan Sharpe entered in the rally along with Marin Guilbault and Riley Sexsmith. Sharpe ended up placing third in his category behind the wheel of a Mazda Miata.

Other competitors were a bit more aggressive and experienced such as this Subaru driver as he finished first in his class and overall. Sideways pretty much through every corner, never going off and most likely putting on a show for Len Pictures and I at this corner as he would always be facing us.

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Words & Photos: Ben Fry