Track Day at Shannonville


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec Track Day
Shannonville Motorsports Park
Shannonville, Ontario, Canada
April 10, 2011

Around 10am on a chilly and rainy Sunday morning, the group gathered at a local hangout for what would be the first track day event held by Ken at at Shannonville Motorsports Park, about an hour east of Toronto. Without a doubt, the excitement was in the air but first came the long winded trek to the race track.

Friends, family, girlfriends and all were in attendance including members of Focal Point Concepts, some with silly faces and others just plain tired.

It rained the whole way to the track to a point that the caravan experienced a true white-wash. This RX-7 FC with gold wheels looked stunning, but keeping it on the road and away from pockets of water was a challenge on its own.

The banner hung proudly against the pit wall before participants entered the track. As the banner says, this event truly was “One of a kind”

Against the pit wall were a selection of daily driven and race-only vehicles ranging from the all-wheel-drive beauty of the Subaru STi to a boosted 240SX (S14) to a loud growling S2000 and an older, but pristine Porsche. FF, FR, RR, etc… All platforms were on deck!

Even some ladies like this thumbs-up brunette tracking her “bubble-back” Honda Civic were present showing up some of the guys. It is always refreshing to see women at the track and behind the wheel instead of being dressed all pretty and being in front of the car. KUDOS to you girl!

Is that a JDM-pose or are you just constipated? LOL! This gent is showing us his JDM “mushroom” pose while planting foot on a super clean and fast DC2 Integra Type-R.

Fellow Canadian pro touring car racer, AMF friend and owner of SG-Motorsports Sasha Anis was out doing a test n’ tune with the Hyundai Genesis Coupe now packing a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder under the bonnet. From the looks and sounds of it, this machine will be very competitive in the Canadian Touring Car Championship and we look forward to supporting SG’s efforts!

Fellow member of Focal Point Concepts Spencer was rocking around the track in his newly finished track-spec Honda Civic hatchback, now with a new motor build and rear carbon fiber diffuser. What a great looking and sounding machine this is, you truly have to see it in person to admire the work and dedication put into it – KUDOS!

It is not very likely to see a Mercedes Benz on a race track other than the newly released SLS, but the owner of this modified (yes I said it) SLK AMG-spec was hunting down anything in its path. Other than the usual nuclear power plant from AMG, I wonder what else has been done to this already German muscle car… Hmm?

Godzilla himself was out in full force and staying very calm around the corners. This has to be the only track-ready and daily-driven vehicles that anyone can buy under $100k in Canada and with the sweet look of it too, why would anyone consider anything else? The GT-R was making fast hot laps until the weather got so bad that no vehicle could go around a corner without some serious consequences.

Case in point, this Subaru STi. After booting it from the straightaway into corner 1, the driver lost the back end and it went for an off-road joy ride (ass out) from the track and smacked into the barrier past the run off. Damage to this poor STi consisted of slight scratches to the rear bumper, two quarter panels dented along with the passenger side door skins (x2) and a missing front bumper which was later recovered. For those that may not be aware, track racing involves much skill and concentration, but no matter how good one may be or the vehicle setup… sometimes things like these happen, so be willing to part ways with your sweet ride and if you can’t just be a spectator and appreciate the goodness.

On the other hand, some people were pleased that the track remained fairly wet during the lapping sessions. In this case, fellow long time drift enthusiast Wayne Lee was sliding his IS300 around every corner that he could including the large last corner before the straightaway. It is always good to see people improve their skills at the track and let loose sometimes too, in the end… cars were meant to be driven, right?

Despite the on-and-off rainy conditions, the track day at Shannonville was a major success kicking off the track season in Canada. Many thanks go out to Ken (the man behind, Spencer (my connection behind Focal Point Concepts), and everyone who turned out to get some laps in while share some wonderful memories! We look forward to the batch of events and know that AMF will be there to support the cause!

A few works from Ken about “KPlayground specializes in automotive body kits, accessories and 10+ years of experience organizing track events. Our vision and mission stands to bring in unique, one of a kind, and high quality aftermarket aero dynamic parts and auto accessories (ie 8th Gen Civic, BMW, 8th Gen Accord…and more) with the best competitive pricing, together with courteous customer service to the North American and worldwide markets.”

Track Events:
– 10+ year organizing track events in GTA.
– Open lapping for fun to the general public and for professional race driver and team such as (M&S Racing Team, ATR Honda Team, Top Tuner Kenneth Lau & crew, SG-Motorsport and others just to name a few) to test their race cars
– Kplayground sponsored racing team (M&S Racing Team and ATR Honda Team)
– An event for people to meet cool like-minded people, a place where people can chill, lap, and get to know one another (like a meet but with track action)
– For car and track enthusiasts  
– Caters to beginners, the experienced and the professional race car drivers
– For people to lap in an environment with marshalling and safety rules to deter street racing

Be sure to stay tuned for a video update of the track day including a few clips of Wayne (IS300 owner) sliding his 2JZ-powered sedan around the track!

Like what you saw? Were you at the track day event? Is your car in the gallery? Post your thoughts and comments below!

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  1. Thanks for coming out to the event. Liking the pictures, and great write up as well. I’d like to thank Colin for using my bumper as a stepping stool as well 🙂 Hope to see you guys at the next event!