Import Fest 2011 – Montreal (Highlights)


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

Import Fest 2011 – Montreal (Highlights)
Place Bonaventure
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 1st, 2011

Import Fest Montreal was an inaugural event unlike any other. Here are just a handful of highlights from the show in case you missed it. Be sure to pick up some tissue and be sitting down for this one… enjoy!

Zee Germans Are Coming! Kidding… but this E55 AMG complete with ghost graphics and carbon fiber additions made show goers gasp at the sight. Can you blame them? If there’s one thing that the German manufacturers have gotten right, it is extracting tons of power with the help of their AMG division.

Our favorite amongst the Scion Tuner Challenge vehicles from Team TDS, this matte copper and gold accent Scion tC – beautiful in more ways than one!

We mentioned these two Zs before, but it has to easily be a show highlight. A father and son team, and two generations of the Nissan / Datsun Z vehicle – amazing.

This Mazda RX-7 FD3S from the Phat Ride crew got me salivating with its true JDM influence in design and an uncommon green colour. Clean!

A rare site anywhere, let alone a tuner show. This BMW 1M is truly fresh off the boat and sporting a unique orange racing-style scheme with wheels, mirrors and the VAG Motorsport decal. How much better can one truly make a BMW M-version? We shall see…

The engine bay of Paul Tolson’s (Team EST | Elite Class competitor) Lexus GS400, yes it is the 1UZ-FE V8-engine but packing two medium-sized snails for some dose of boost. If anyone knows anything about this engine, it is that when Toyota designed the 1UZ series they basically over-engineered everything in a good sense. The difficult that most face when boosting this engine is the lack of space in the engine bay, but the same could be said about any V8-engine project. KUDOS!

A not so common sight in Canada, the Mitsubishi Evolution. In this case, the EVO X which is the first Evolution to be sold in Canada legally through dealerships. Although this ruby red colour isn’t a favorite, the contrast with the carbon fiber hood and gold mesh-style wheels is spot on.

This Saturn Sky had crowds gathered throughout the show, why you ask? How about the simple fact that it has been completely re-designed from the ground up! A unique custom aero kit, custom paint, suspension, wheels and the list goes on.

The cockpit is another story. Gone is the two-seater configuration in favor of a single seat similar to the McLaren F-1 supercar of the 90s and more audio / visual goods than a big box store’s display! I wonder what’s louder, the car or the audio?

This is the beast that powers this once meek Saturn Sky. Whether the engine is in fact the Sky’s original piece is unknown, but there certainly has been extensive work done with the esthetics complete with carbon fiber engine cover and full exhaust system. It would be no surprise if the engine was taken apart for a nice power massage as well, but that remains to be known.

These were just a few of the endless awesome vehicles at the Import Fest 2011 Montreal show and yes, all under one roof! What were your favorites? Let us know!

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