Import Expo 2011 – Track Event


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

Import Expo 2011 – Track Event
Mosport International Raceway – DDT Track
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
August 28, 2011

The much anticipated track event by Import Expo presented by Sailun Tires, kicked off on a fairly chilly Sunday morning at legendary Mosport Inernational Raceway – DDT Track for what would be an amazing display of time attack racing!

Like most track events, there was a mix of experience levels ranging from novice to seasoned weekend warriors in full-out race machines. Despite the cold temperature, a number of competitors showed up in the early hours to change tires and make final suspension adjustments before getting in some practice laps.

As always, it was a pleasure seeing Team Focal Point Concepts out and ready to make some quick laps around the short DDT track at Mosport. On the left is Tony Ho’s red Civic hatchback and Spenser Brown’s orange K-powered EG.

Drift team CoolKidsClub | Sailun Tires was also setting up for a lunch break drifting exhibition with Chris De La Cruz’ BMW E30 and NuVisionz Anthony with his battle scarred SR-powered 240SX.

Just after the lunch break, competitors lined up for a three lap stint around the road course consisting of one cold lap, one hot lap and a cool down run. Everyone was eligible to compete ranging from rotary-powered RX-7 time-attack vehicles like this white one from STAGE FOUR Motorsports to a FWD 240hp+ RSX from the guys at Import Expo and Kensai Racing.

Every car was outfitted with timing units secured by Eric from Teknotik. Look at the concentration on his face… Amazing!

It was good to see German tuner cars out on the track like this fast neo-gen VW GTI. Unlike the Grand Prix (main course) at Mosport International Raceway, the DDT track being shorter and with tighter turns allows for underpowered vehicles (sub-300hp) to be very competitive amongst bigger rivals.

How about a little tripod Honda action from Spenser Brown’s K-powered EG (Focal Point Concepts)? After closer inspection, he was actually pulling a bipod with his nimble Civic – notice that the two outer wheels are the only ones in contact with the pavement! Insane!

Others weren’t so lucky during their time attack runs like this Honda hatchback from EL Tuning. The downside of the DDT Track is that taking corners too hot results in an instant off-road experience – not fun!

This RX-7 FD from the STAGE FOUR Motorsports crew not only looked fast, but also clocked an amazing lap time over and over and over! This shot reminds me of one of the many taken during JDM versus battles!

The M.Y. Racing entry right hand drive Honda Civic was keeping a steady and fast pace around the course. Notice the driver’s attention? Eyes are always on the prize!

This American LS-powered bruiser was a refreshing sight and with that signature V8 rumble, no one could miss his laps as he blazed by.

Another quick Honda out that day was the entry from ART Motorsports with their EG hatchback race car. Talk about clipping the apex, bang on!

The day ended like any at a track event, cars a little bruised up and shredded tires all over the paddock. After hours of endless lapping and drivers honing their mark, winners were shortly announced. Many kudos to not only the Import Expo crew for putting on a great event but also to the slew of competitors who came out strong and the hunger to clock the best time!

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  1. Thank you for your compliments and feedback, much appreciated. Indeed it was a windy and cold day, but AMF is all about bringing both local and international events under the spotlight! None of this would be possible with out AMF’s loyal readers and fans!

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