FITTED Toronto 2016


FITTED Toronto 2016
Brampton Fairgrounds
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
May 28th, 2016

For the past handful of years, the stance scene in Ontario has grown immensely. One major contributing factor to the fanfare are long standing shows like the 7th annual FITTED show held just north of the city at the Brampton Fairgrounds.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--2With the summer in full gear, the covers came off everyone’s rides for the annual gathering. Rides from last season were back on display both outside and inside the show grounds, including some fresh rebuilds. Be it Japanese VIP, rare JDM, bagged Euro, or even American muscle, the show had it all.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--22Outside on the field was an assortment of European rides like this pair of slammed Volkswagens, complete with a BWX bike on the roof rack.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--32Two beautiful cars, both unique in their build. One values function over form, while the other is a cambered Twerk’n machine.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--40It’s rare to find a Nissan GT-R at a car show geared to the stance crowd, especially an early gen R32. This Godzilla is a beauty and probably a horsepower monster in disguise.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--45Two long-time veterans in the VIP car game parked up next to each other – the big Lexus LS400 and tuck’d Infiniti M45. It’s always good to see these staples of the local car scene.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--92If walking around the show grounds made you hungry, there’s always the wicked food vendors parked up. This year at Fitted, your cravings would be fulfilled from Burgatory and / or  Smoke’s Poutinerie – both delicious options!

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--72 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--75Clean looking 9th gen Honda Civic with what looks like carbon-kevlar accents in the engine bay and slammed to the ground on those sweet looking blue rims.


The kingpin car of the VIP game is none other than the Lexus LS400 or in this case, the JDM version Toyota Celsior. This beauty check-marks all the boxes with air ride suspension, large chrome rollers, window curtains, JDM license plates, and the clean TOM’s Co., Ltd. aero kit.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--59 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--62It’s been years since a car show featured an Acura 3.2 CL. These late 90’s coupes are rare, even more so when they’re highly modified like this version – wicked build nonetheless.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--89 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--90
Everyone’s a sucker for a tuned 240SX. If the aero, paint, and stance of this S13 doesn’t do it for you, then surely the 2JZ-GTE engine swap will. Proudly on display (with the hood off) is this single turbo inline-6 – probably good for a solid 450hp+ setup. The attention to detail like the multi-cut and welded piping is impressive, reminiscent of JDM shop builds.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--87 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--88This late 70’s Datsun 280Z is a gem that everyone wish they had in their garage. One can only imagine the extent of the restoration (as most are rust-buckets) and customization on the Z. Powering this beast is an RB26DETT from the Nissan GT-R (R32-R34) and by the looks of it, things have been mildly tuned.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--104One show-stopper build on display was the GaleForce Varis Arising II Nissan 370z. Under the hood is a twin turbo engine setup good for 500+whp, all while looking slammed thanks to AirREX air ride suspension. 

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--78 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--79The FITTED show understands that the lifestyle segment is a large portion of the tuner scene. Back again this year was an RC drifting track with vendors showcasing their latest builds.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--135Spotted these two widebody beasts parked up together in the middle of the pack. The Scion FR-S on the left (yellow) is sporting the now-famous Rocket Bunny kit, while the S14 240SX on the right (blue) is an even wilder widebody setup.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--133 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--134Yellow FR-S or blue S240SX? Either choice, you can’t go wrong. Both machines appear to be boosted and considering their wide tire setups, they’re probably putting down some serious power. Kudos to these owners from Quebec for making the trek to Brampton, Ontario for this show.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--138Who would have thought that a rat-rod-looking VW Beetle would show up at a stance show like this? This wicked bug is slammed, cambered, and has some serious wheel arches. It might not be to everyone’s liking, but there’s no doubt that this thing is wicked cool.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--140Two German bruisers were looking mean parked up together, looking like they came from a DTM race. It seems that more enthusiasts are flocking to older Euro cars for project builds, rather than the usual Japanese choice of a Civic or Impreza.

Gotta love some brightness at a show, case in point is this Subaru rocking a red chrome wrap and rolling on custom CCW wheels.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--143 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--142Making its debut this season is the @fl6tsubie in the ROTA Wheels booth. This Subaru Impreza is not what you’d expect upon first glance. Under the hood is an engine transplant utilizing the 3.0-liter, flat-6 from the Legacy / Outback.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--146Surprisingly there weren’t too many big-body Lexus builds on display this year at the show. This 2nd generation Lexus GS is clean and perfect in every way, with subtle touches of VIP luxury.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--153The Elevated Honda Civic was back out this season and looking sharper than ever. The definition of a show car can be found with this build that has taken many forms throughout the years. In particular, the engine bay looks even more spectacular than before with the exhaust pipes peaking out and even more polished goods.

FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--94 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--160 FITTED-Toronto-2016---GP_AMF--157Making its debut from the Cyrious Garageworks crew is this 70s Camaro Z/28. At first sight it might seem like a radical build because it is. Everything has been done to this beast including custom wide wheel arches, a massaged LSA engine from a Cadilalc CTS-V good for 826whp with nitrous, and the massive 19″ RSV Forged wheels. Kudos to the crew for this incredible build and for taking home the win! 

Despite the mixed weather forecast of sun and rain, it was another successful FITTED show. Hundreds gathered from across provinces and even as far as the USA for this annual celebration of stanced-out cars and unique builds. Congratulations to all winners for their dedication to their rides, to the show veterans for always supporting the local car scene, and to the new generation for their eagerness in getting involved. Here’s to a great car show season and more great builds to feature!

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Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec