Eurocharged Holiday BBQ


Eurocharged BBQ
Eurocharged Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
May 19, 2014

This past Victoria Day the supercars and exotics were out in numbers for a barbecue at Eurocharged Canada. Eurocharged is a tuning company that specializes in European and exotic cars. They also work on a variety of other cars, like the 500+ horsepower Skyline R33 they have for sale that was up on the lift when we arrived. Their specialties include custom fabrication, performance modification, dyno tuning and repairs/maintenance. After talking to Slav, Vlad and the rest of the crew at Eurocharged, you really get the sense that these guys know what they’re doing, and that the quality of work here is above and beyond.


Some of you that are familiar with Eurocharged might also have known that Eurocharged Canada tunes bikes as well. As if it wasn’t already fast enough, the BMW RR shown here has had it’s factory tuning replaced by BMW Motorsports programming, making it one serious machine.


Local exotic club, Saturn’s Drives, was out in full force for this event. The Eurocharged barbecue marked the final stop after their 2-hour pre-meet cruise. The club brought out at least 100 cars on this perfect-for-driving sunny Victoria Day.


Some of you may recognize this Ford GT (or its plate) from Tim’s dream garage. He was one of the first ones to arrive from the cruise. You can check out this Ford GT and the rest of his extensive collection at this year’s Tim and Brenda’s Place show.


This is no ordinary C63 AMG. This is the rare Affalterbach edition, 1 of only 30 made for the North American market. The satin grey finish isn’t a wrap, either – that’s the special editions 5-figure paint job that requires special cleaning products to wash. Carbon accents are another defining features of the Affalterbach, and they go a long way to ensure that it looks incredible from any angle.


Robert, the owner of the Affalterbach, also has some pretty stylish FIA approved racing shoes and gloves that are branded to match the ride. Now these are some classy driving kicks.


Yorkville Exotics also came out to promote their upcoming show in this very orange BMW 6-series wrapped by Sekanskin. Last year’s Yorkville Exotic Car Show was a great experience, so be sure to check them out this June 15th.


If there was ever a car to look fast and aggressive from any angle, a black Superleggera would have to be it. Something about those lightweight 15-spoke wheels really compliments the look of the Gallardo’s shape. This one immediately became a crowd favourite for photographers and spectators alike.


“Badass” is really one of the only words we can find to properly describe this 944 Porsche with its offset hood scoop and MVS Motors banner. One look at the front end, and you know this classic Porsche means business.


I think we speak for everyone who attended when we say we’re thankful that Saturn’s Drives and Eurocharged Canada were so gracious in hosting a spectacular holiday event. It’s always nice to see everyone enjoying their cars in the nice weather. Until next time!