Ertefa x Tiremag Barbecue


Ertefa x Tiremag BBQ
Concord, Ontario, Canada
Sunday, May 17, 2014

Once again Ertefa and the folks at Tiremag have teamed up to bring us another show. This past Saturday, cars from all over the GTA and surrounding areas flocked to Tiremag in Concord for the first Ertefa-branded meet of the year. The show was loosely affiliated with Importfest and CSCS as well, who both made appearances throughout the day. Despite running out of parking due to an incredible turnout, the show went off without a hitch for the rest of the day.


The show was a big day for a bunch of owner’s clubs, such as this Lexus group which showed up in spades. The entire back line of the parking lot was Lexus, featuring just about every colour and fitment combination imaginable. Kudos to these guys for organizing such a big turnout among their crew!


The local Lancer/Ralliart/Evo club brought out large numbers as well. It’s hard to tell whether the Lexus crew or the Ralliart guys brought the most cars.


The local chapter of Mustang fans also showed up in a big, diverse group. Some of these cars packed serious power via turb0chargers, superchargers and anything else the owners could fit under the hood.


A Celica GT-Four is a rare sight, even among our extensive and diverse tuner scene. Judging by the bandage on the front bumper, we would guess that this one gets its fair share of daily driving. After all, that is what it was built for.


When your Mazda Miata is low enough, running out of parking spaces isn’t exactly a concern. This low Miata features an orange paint that some Mazda fans might recognize from Mazdaspeed Proteges.


This Varis FR-S representing Nextmod was a real head-turner. The wide, aggressive and sharp body kit garnered attention as soon as it was in view. The kit really compliments the lines of the FR-S/BRZ 86 platform.


The owner of this STI had a taunt/warning to any would-be Mitsubishi competition in the form of their vanity plate. Whether you’re an Evo guy or a Subaru guy, this is still funny.


The trunk of this 350z is the classiest trunk we’ve ever seen. The pop-out bottle fridge and shot glass compartments, coupled with the sound system, ensure that this owner is ready to party as soon as he parks the car.


As the day went on, hundreds of people came and went as they checked out local rides and the Tiremag shop. Overall, the show was a phenomenal success, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Kudos to the Ertefa crew for putting this one together. We can’t wait to hear their first announcement about this season’s weekly meets!