Ertefa Season Opener 2015


Ertefa Season Opener 2015
Markham Fair
Markham, Ontario, Canada
May 21st, 2015

It’s been nearly a year since Ertefa’s last event, which at the time was an organized meet in Mississauga. After much anticipation, news spread of what would be their first-ever show for the crew and held at the coveted Markham Fair. With warm days finally here and the tuner season well underway in Canada, the timing for this show couldn’t be better. Even for spectators, the $10 entry fee was more than welcoming – gearheads or not.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 2

With the gates slated to open at 6pm, car show participants arrived early to setup. Like the previous events they organized, the selection of cars was vast – like this matte black slammed 240SX.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 3

What’s not to love about a white EVO X fitted with an AMS Performance intercooler, canards, and perfectly fitted rollers.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 4

Camo-wrapped Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – yes please! Finding German car enthusiasts going above the usual plain Euro style is always a pleasure to see, especially when it’s in-your-face like this one.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 5

Once everyone found their designated show spot, it was time to get those cleaning products out and start the compulsive-polishing routine… you know the one.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 6

A bit of contrast never hurt anyone. To think that nearly 50 year separates these two machines, yet each are a champion in their own right. To the left is a 60’s Mini and to the right is a 2010s Evolution X.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 7

Other than the cars hard-parked outside, there were a handful of indoor venues housing an array of other rides. This beautiful red BMW 3-series is properly slammed.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 8

The RocketBunny phenomenon has quickly swept North America, especially amongst the Scion FR-S crowd. This Jelly-Bean blue FR-S has been spotted at a few events and by the looks of it, is not stopping anytime soon.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 9

If you’re a Subaru fan this bug-eye wagon puts a smile on your face. Classic fitment and choice of Volk Racing TE73 wheels finished in white, white-lettered rubber, and a matching guitar on display – definitely something you don’t see everyday.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 10

Back outside, the sun was starting its downward descent. This lime green vintage VW Beetle seems perfectly nostalgic hard-parked with the sun flare in the background.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 11

By 6pm, the doors opened and the line of cars heading into the gated entrance continued to roll in. Spotted this beautiful gunmetal GC8 Impreza rolling in and looking proper on gold concave wheels.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 12

With the sun setting in the background, show spectators continued to pile into the Markham Fair.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 13

Even some supercars decided to cruise and check out the show. Love them or not, the 458 Italia truly is a timeless design.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 14

For the off-road junkies, a group of Jeeps decided to check out the show as well. By 9pm and the show in full swing, the line extended far into the street. Thankfully the show staff and York Region Police on-hand kept things calm and organized.

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 15

The latest beauty from the Lamborghini corral is this 610-horsepower Huracan. According to the plate “PREENUP” it seems that someone is thankful to have a good divorce attorney, kidding!

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 16

With the sun finally gone and night setting in, some spectators decided to head out and others continued to roll in. There was a line-up of nearly 30-minutes to get into the venue. This can only mean one thing, people want more!

Ertefa Season Opener 2015 (THUMBNAIL) 17

By the end of the night, there were mixed feelings from the crowd. Many were used to the usual selection of cars found at local hangouts, while others (not familiar with the tuner scene) were able to experience something new – all thanks in part to mainstream media such as Z103.5 advertising the show. The entry fee of $10 was spot on and although line-ups were long, the venue seemed fitting. Thanks to good organization from the Ertefa crew and the support of York Region Police, there were no incidents and everyone had a great time – this is what the Canadian tuner scene is really about!

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Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec and Markis Sarkis