Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally


A few nights ago seemed like just any other night to me. I was at my desk working on a few pictures, searching the internet for car parts, that was until around 10pm when I got a message from Aman Toor of Allure Limo Company. In short, he invited me to join CSCC (Canadian Super Car Club) for a small get together/lunch where the Lamborghinis would be parked side by side with the doors up. At this point I was in sheer disbelief, this was something that I could only dream about last year when I first got serious about shooting.


When I was younger, me, along with all of my friends had at least one or more Lamborghini posters hung up on the wall, needless to say this was very exciting for me, I simply felt in my element shooting all these supercars. Upon arriving at the disclosed location all I could hear was the rumble and purrs of all the v12’s on site, this had brought on an idiotic smile on my face. Once I got out of the car I saw my good friend Nishan Gill from #TORONTOCARSPOTTING we walked around and looked at all the cars that had shown up to the event and we were definitely not disappointed.

Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally (THUMBNAIL) 3

One Lamborghini that was quite the crowd pleaser belonged to Anthony Andretti of Kamorra Art Center; it’s always a pleasure to see the Iron Man themed Murcielago.  The attention to detail that all the owners put into their cars is truly outstanding; whether its carbon fiber goodies, special wraps or simply a slight drop, these owners know how to make their cars unique and personal.

Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally (THUMBNAIL) 4

What truly sets these guys apart from any other car group is how friendly and genuine they are, they all want to get to know you, they all like to crack jokes and smile and of course if you’re lucky they’ll let you sit in the cars.  The true beauty of these events is that once the cars are parked anyone can stop by and take photos if they find the location and for example this time it was in the middle of Toronto and there were members of the general public that walked by looked at the cars and started to take pictures, the police even showed up but they didn’t bring a patrol car or even an undercover vehicle they brought something you don’t see too often anymore and something that not everyone at the event may had seen was the organizer going and talking to the officer and he said he could walk around and look at the cars and the reply of the officer was: “I would but personally I don’t want the horse to sh*t on the cars.”

Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally (THUMBNAIL) 5

All humour aside, whether it’s a tuner meet, exotic get together or even just a parking lot chill with some of your friends none of that matters because the whole basis of our passion is the car hence the car is the reason for the fulfillment of a billion peoples dreams and it really doesn’t matter what you’re into whether its being so low you scrape on every imperfection in the road all the way to building 1600 horsepower Lamborghinis we all do it for the same reason: Our love for cars.

Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally (THUMBNAIL) 6

Matching sweater and Lamboghini, this is the life.

Doors Up Event by CSCC and NorthFaceRally (THUMBNAIL) 7

On a final note there are a few people that deserve to be mentioned for putting all of this together. I would like to thank The North Face Rally team, Including Aman Toor from Allure Limo, Marlon Shaw from CarsWithoutLimits, Anthony Andretti from Kamorra Art Center, Michael McDonald from Vehicle-Direct and of course Wilson and Edwin from CSCC, I look forward to the next event. Cheers!