CSCS – Season Opener


Words & Photos: Giancarlo Pawelec

Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) – Season Opener
Toronto Motorsports Park
Cayuga, Ontario, Canada
June 5th, 2011

The day started off early at the crack of dawn as exhibitors and competitors lined up at the gates at Toronto Motorsports Park for the season opener at the Canadian Sport Compact Series (CSCS) show presented by Sailun Tire. According to the weather reports, the Cayuga area was going to get nothing short of perfect weather with clear sky and 30+ degrees of heat – a true scorcher and great way to kick off the tuner season!

Unlike other events (especially ones that are outdoors), CSCS encompasses everything in the tuner scene and all one tarmac. Whether you’re into show cars, looking at the beautiful models or want to try your hand at a motorsport challenge like drag racing, drifting or time-attack there was something for everybody to enjoy.

The good people at Scion Canada had not only brought their three model vehicles, but were also allowing spectators to test drive them! Out of three, which would your pick be and why?

The show n’ shine field was littered with an array of vehicles from mild to wild and everything from the expected JDM-inspired GT-R to a slammed Euro-tuned Golf to the domestic sport compacts. Can you spot every vehicle in this shot from the rear 1/4-panel?

This low camo-clad Chevy caught our attention. Although we may not feature these scrapper trucks, the owner’s unique approach to his vision sure made it a looker. KUDOS!

Fellow AMF friend Pisco from team Focal Point Concepts had his camo-Subaru on-hand in the show n’ shine and took home 1st place in Best Graphics – KUDOS! Who wants to see a feature on this bad-boy?

The long-time screw and fellow AMF friends Team Toyo Street were on their game bringing a unique mix of vehicles including a BMW E46 M3, Golf GTi, Mitsubishi EVOLUTION, widebody E46 M3, Infiniti G35 Coupe and others.

In the Meguiar’s booth, this beautiful VeilSide RX-7 sat pretty and came all the way from our neighbours in Quebec. We are hoping to land a feature with this unique ride as it is just oh so damn good!

The beautiful AMF models Kristine (L) and Erin (R) sitting on a pair of crotch rockets in the AMF booth – our first time ever and showing our support for CSCS! Did you see the AMF booth? What did you think? We need your feedback!

AMF long-time friends NextMod were on-hand as expected with their line-up of Storm Troopers… all-white JDM-inspired vehicles like this beautiful STi!

A big thanks to Spenser of Focal Point Concepts for lending us his beautiful orange K20-powered EG in the AMF booth! Model or car, what would you choose?

Fellow friends and drifters, Anthony and Chris from the CoolKidsClub | Sailun Tire drift team showing some love with the AMF models!

The pit lanes we rammed with an assortment of vehicles from full race to street-legal as on-lookers checked out both privateers and those that came with a crew. It’s reassuring to know that despite the uncertainty of our aftermarket industry due to the past difficult economic times that people are still out supporting the scene! Thank you!

The Sailun Tire sponsored RSX in their booth caught the attention of many with its clean lines, custom matte black vinyl and track-ready build!

Throughout the day, a heap of motorsports took place with the most popular of them all being drifting. Here, Anthony of the CoolKidsClub | Sailun Tire drift team decides to cut some grass at Toronto Motorsports Park during his qualifying session – I guess he wasn’t impressed with landscaper’s job. #FAIL

This run from Chris of CoolKidsClub | Sailun Tire drift team was amazing with aggressive angles and let’s face it, when will you ever get to see a panda-coloured 3-series BMW going sideways? Unfortunately, Chris didn’t make it to the finals but we do wish him well for this coming season… DORI DORI DORI!’s very own drift driver Paul and 1st-time CSCS drifting team entry with this beautiful Nissan 240SX (S14) – full race build. Despite the car running well, Paul was not able to clench a podium this time around – so stay tuned as he progresses throughout the season! We want to thank Paul for his efforts and in representing AMF like a true DORI-san!

The winner of the drifting competition is none other than another of AMF’s friends and the newest member of the CoolKidsClub | Sailun Tire drift team, John Fiddy! Congrats to John, CoolKidsClub and title sponsor Sailun Tire for putting together not only a great team but in getting the results you all deserve… DORI KUDOS! CKC + SAILUN = FTW!

On the 1/4-mile track, many competed head’s up with vehicles ranging from smaller powered all-motor Honda Civics to big brutes like the Ford Mustang and their 305ci engines.

For those that like fast drivers in fast cars, the time attack challenge was for you. The goal in a time attack is to see who can get the fastest lap around the circuit in one’s specific class (category). Drivers do one cold lap then immediately set off on their hot lap which is then clocked. The key to a time attack vehicle is not so much under the engine, but rather the suspension setup as every ounce of automotive physics are at play when carving through corners.

The grand finale – other than the award ceremony – was an all-out madness battle or so it seemed, as drift competitors did a demo ranging from tandem donuts to a nice tire-shredding-smoke-show like this one by Chris from the CoolKidsClub | Sailun Tire drift team. Suffice to say that Chris will be needing more tires… but it is well worth it!

With the car gods on hand throughout the day blessing the masses with warm weather and clear sky, the 2011 Canadian Sport Compact Series Season Opener was a tremendous success! Car clubs came out by the bucket load, track competitors were on their game, models sassed spectators and despite a few vehicle smash ups (with no one being injured), the day was a huge success! We look forward to the second show in the coming weeks so be sure to check out the site. Be sure to look out for the AMF booth whereby you can grab some merchandise and show your support!

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