CSCS 2015 – Round 2


CSCS 2015 – Round 2
Toronto Motorsports Park
Cayuga, Ontario, Canada
July 5th, 2015

The second round of CSCS was quite eventful, to say the least. For those who aren’t familiar with CSCS by now, it is a show series that happens five times a year at different tracks and consists of drifting, time attack, drag racing, and show ‘n shine. Thankfully, this beautiful Sunday the sun was out and the attendance was huge – all parts of the puzzle to make for an awesome round in Cayuga.

CSSC 2015 - Round 2 (THUMBNAIL) 2

As always the best part of CSCS is that everyone shows up, whether it’s people that live 5-hours away or right beside the track. To a certain degree it is a reunion for the local car guys as we all enjoy each others company, the exhaust notes ripping through the air, and the smell of burnt rubber from the drifters.

CSSC 2015 - Round 2 (THUMBNAIL) 3

Drifting was truly one of the highlights this time around. Some of the regulars brought out their updated drift cars for the season including Riley Sexsmith’s 2JZ-powered RWD-converted Subaru Impreza and Daniel Paska’s S13 with a new teal livery. As per usual CSCS’s drifting never fails to disappoint. It was exhilarating to witness most of the drifters averaging entrance speeds between 90 and 95km/h.

CSSC 2015 - Round 2 (THUMBNAIL) 4

The car which left jaws dropping on the floor was definitely the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Italia that was ripping it down the drag strip and circuit. For a change, it was nice to see a build such as this actually being driven rather than just hard parked and looking pretty for a photo-op. Nonetheless it was very nice of the organizers of CSCS to give the owner a few laps alone on the track. Who could complain at the sight of this widebody Ferrari?

CSSC 2015 - Round 2 (THUMBNAIL) 5

The show ‘n shine area had plenty of cars with aggressive fitment such as the Scion FR-S above who’s rim lip was rubbing the fender. The microfiber towels there are to protect his fender, sort of. This car definitely had my attention and I can really appreciate the amount of work that was put into getting this car to sit the way it does. There were a lot of tastefully modified rides in the show ‘n shine section, whether it’s beautiful wheels fitted on a car with custom paint or wrap to builds that are just starting out; there was everything that the fellow enthusiast would enjoy.

CSSC 2015 - Round 2 (THUMBNAIL) 6

When going to CSCS it’s almost impossible not to have a good time, as there is always something for everybody’s taste. It doesn’t matter what you’re into, whether it’s a 600hp raw American muscle car or a Japanese tuner that can’t go 5-seconds without scraping, all the way to fully built track cars and drift missiles. There’s always something awesome at CSCS and we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

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