CanadianSubies Meet // March 26, 2015


CanadianSubies Meet
Boston Pizza – Vaughan Mills
Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
March 26, 2015

They’re back! After a long and frigid winter, the CanadianSubies crew is getting an early start on a season full of meets and cruises. With permission from Boston Pizza at Vaughan Mills, Subarus and enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes begin to fill the lot around 8 PM on Thursdays. Despite most still being on winter tires, enthusiasts braved the chill of the cold concrete to come hang out with the crew.


Some of our readers will instantly recognize the Mantis Green STI hatchback on the left from our feature on Brad’s Subaru when it was blue last year. Our friend Brad, the man behind the CanadianSubies brand, has made the transition from the typical blue to an eye-catching green with the help of Sekanskin’s wicked wrap job. To the right Brad’s show-built Subaru is a dark grey metallic STI hatch of the same year, owned by John. The biggest difference lies in the fully built motor, making more than 400 whp.



Sitting next to the Subaru STI’s primary rival, the Evo, was this beautiful BRZ Aozora Edition. The car is already a stunner from factory, but the owner of this particular ride went the extra mile with an aggressive fitment.



We also got a rare look at two different styles of flared-fender Subaru GC8’s with this “Salt & Pepper” duo, each supporting a similar style with two different looks.



The crew likes to emphasize that the meet is not exclusive to Subarus, and that anyone is welcome. This bagged 350Z, which is getting ready for a paint job, showed up to help show that this meet is for everyone. We can get a good idea of where this built is headed, and it looks promising.

There is talk of moving the meets to Sunday evenings in the summer as a hang out to unwind from a weekend of shows and events, so keep an eye on the CanadianSubies pages for further updates. Until then, we can expect to see the crew Thursday nights at BP. We’re just glad big meets have started early this year.