BimmerCruise 2013


BimmerCruise 2013
Canadian Tire Motorsports Park – DDT
Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada
August 25th, 2013

It was a gorgeous Sunday morning as hundreds of BMW purists gathered at the Driver Development Track at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville, Ontario. As the 13th annual event of its kind, BimmerCruise is a combination of cruise, show ‘n shine, and track all rolled into one. Cars from as far away as Nova Scotia and New York showed up to to celebrate the iconic German auto maker with 289 registered vehicles in attendance and over 1,000 spectators through the gates.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 2

Upon entering the track grounds, one was greeted with with an awesome display of BMW’s M-series machines ranging from the more common M3 and M5 to this blue M6.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 3

Unknown to many, BMW is also a leader in the motorcycle industry – case in point, this S1000RR. It was built to compete in the World Superbike Championship and is now a full production motorcycle complete with ABS, traction control, and Fomula One inspired technology.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 4

At the sign-in table, competitors were greeted by some charming ladies handling the registration for the auto-slalom, lapping, and show ‘n shine. There was also a awesome raffle to take place at the end of the day with BMW-centric gifts ranging from die cast models, to watches, and other trinkets.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 5

The auto-slalom was open to anyone bold enough to tackle it on the challenging Driver Development Track or DDT for short. There were plenty of off-make cars like MINIs and Hondas, but none were as fun to watch as the BMW Ms carving corners like this silver E46. This is the reason any BMW owner buys an M – to track it!

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 6

Coming over the crest at DDT and getting some slight oversteer was this bi-turbo 335i sedan. It looked fast around the course, but seemed to take corners a little too hot at times- can you blame him?

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 7

It’s not everyday you get to see a BMW X1 on a road course, but this is BimmerCruise! This factory-stock CUV took to the corners like as if it were at home in Germany going through a trials run. Impressive to see the owner take this unusual vehicle on the track, but awesome nonetheless.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 8

There were even a few open wheel cars taking on DDT like this shifter go-kart. Watching it cut through the corners like a hot knife through butter was amazing and hearing it bang through all the gears faster than you could blink was impressive.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 9

Back on the show grounds, there were hungry stomachs to be filled and BimmerCruise didn’t disappoint. Who doesn’t love a food truck especially when it’s the Big Boys Burgers mobile?

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 10

It was awesome to notice the level of customization some BMW enthusiasts went through on their builds. The most popular one was that of the BMW emblem changed to suit the colour scheme of the project car.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 11

The title sponsor of BrimmerCruise 2013 was Serpa BMW of Newmark, Ontario. Not only did they help make the event what it is with their sponsorship, but also brought out some beautiful machines for fans to check out like this orange 1M – a rarity and must-have for any Bimmer-head.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 12

The show n’ shine side had an incredible number of cars and vendors ranging from the daily driven to the garage stored. This E30 BMW coupe might not have M-power under the hood, but it was truly unique with its forest green paint and perfect wheel fitment. Considering this car is over two decades old, what’s not to appreciate about this 3-series? Add to the awesomeness, it has a 4.0-liter V8 swapped under the bonnet, a first on this continent!

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 13

By far one of the nicest cars at the event (track or show) was this matte purple vinyl wrapped E46 M3. The wrap was done by the crew over at SekanSkin and judging by the sound of it on the road course, it is making some serious power under the hood.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 14

We caught these two German car fans checking out the line up and throwing us a thumbs-up! It’s always great to see kids appreciating the love for cars – they are the next generation of tuners after all.

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 15

Bragging points anyone? Yup, if you wanted to put your money where your mouth is then the mobil dyno setup was just for you. Everyone can boast about making 500 horsepower having done this and that to their car, but only real dyno numbers tell the truth. This boosted E92 M3 running a factory exhaust system made upwards of 490+ whp during its pull!

BimmerCruise 2013 - GP_AMF (THUMBNAIL) 16

This 1970s BMW 2002 was by far the most iconic and rare car at this year’s BimmerCruise. For those unaware as to the history and importance of the 2002 model; it brought BMW out of near bankruptcy, put the Bavarian car maker on the map in North America, and was the grandfather to the now popular 3-series. All things for which every BMW purist is thankful three decades later.

A big thanks go out to everyone at the BimmerCruise organization for putting on an excellent event, the thousands of fans who attended, track / show competitors, and the sponsors for making it was it is. Notable mentions go out to Sepra BMW, JRP, Wheels Direct, SekanSkin, Precision Rim Repair, Auto Magicians, AutoGlym, Dsylva Tech, G6 Auto Detailing, Auto Links, Albert’s Auto, Bimmex, Chicane Wear, Tires23, Leaf Racewear, Engine’s Unlimited Mobile Dyno, and all the other vendors. Also, a big congratulations go out to all the winners of the auto-slalom and show ‘n shine! Stay tuned for updates from BimmerCruise as 2014 will surely be an even bigger event marking the big 14th year anniversary!

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