Berlin Klassik 2015


Berlin Klassik 2015
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
September 13th, 2015

As one of the end of season car shows in Ontario, the Berlin Klassik is surely the best of the bunch. Held each year at Bingemans (a recreational park) in the city of Kitchener located just west of Toronto, the show keeps growing. We’ve been a proud media sponsor for the past four years and there’s only one reason – this show has it all! People from across Canada and USA come for this two-day event and bring everything Euro they have – from vintage Porsches to modern Mercedes-AMG builds. The Saturday event schedule welcomes those camping overnight and includes a car wash by SONAX alongside, chip tuning / dyno runs by Foreign Automotive and Unitronic, and a swap meet. Sunday’s line-up is an intense show ‘n shine competition with over 100 trophies to be won!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -1

If orange and old school is a perfect combo, this boosted  and custom widebody 2nd gen VW Golf might stop you in your track. Everything imaginable has been done to this hot hatch, but as you know the mods never stop.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -8

This cream coloured and slammed beauty is the first generation Mercedes-Benz S-class, known as the W116. It is always great seeing 40+ year old vehicles revived again. What many don’t know is the significance of this model – it introduced many safety firsts in the automotive industry including heavily padded steering wheel (later to be replaced by airbags), padding around window trim and dashboard, headrests with center depressions to avoid injury during an accident, dual asymmetric windshield wipers, and much more.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -9Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -11

Like every year, many vendors come out to showcase their latest demo rides, products, and network with others. One such exhibitor which had jaws on the floor was that of Eurocharged Canada. Their display included some great German machines like a supercharged E63 AMG, E36 M3, supercarged C63 AMG BlackSeries, and a twin-turbocharged Audi R8!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -14Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -15

Have you always dreamed of driving an exclusive luxury car or supercar? Well now you can and you don’t need to fork over the six-figure dollars. Affinity Car Rentals specializes in high end cars and brought out their latest addition to the fleet – a $150,000 (CAD) supercar that is a true electric-hybrid and capable of 0-100km/h in just 4.4-seconds!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -20

Over at the AutoMotoFoto booth we had our friend Kevin of RimRim bring out his refreshed Audi A3 slammed with air ride on a set of custom Avant Garde wheels and an awesome rootbeer coloured vinyl wrap. Engine work has also been done on this hatch including an upgraded turbo system and exhaust that made this thing growl upon start-up.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -23

German OEM was back out again this year with a selection of parts for older-gen Volkswagen like these Golfs on display. It’s always great to see the Euro scene embracing the older rides, unlike that of the Japanese tuner scene.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -27

Who ever said a race car wasn’t a show car was kidding themselves. Case in point, this awesome and incredibly fast Volkwagen GTI track car built by PZ Tuning. Although best known for their work on winning Hondas on the circuit, they have also dived into helping make this VW race car possible – in a limited amount of time, as always.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -33

There is something to be said about the Audi RS4, regardless of generation. The widebody presence, powerful engine, and motorsport lineage is enough to make any Euro car fan melt. Just look at this thing!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -35

The food section was revamped this year with the arrival of food trucks! Yes, everyone loves a good food truck especially when they’re serving up things like beef brisket poutine and lobster mac ‘n cheese balls.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -36Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -37

SONAX / JRP had a great display complete with a car wash area (for Saturday’s event) and their booth showcasing some great products as well as a mean BMW M4 convertible.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -39

The BMW 2002 is one quirky looking machine, but it is loved by many enthusiasts for its heritage. Kudos to the owner for restoring it and making it look great again.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -43

If vintage German is your thing then the Mercedes-Benz Club of Canada might have just the thing, ranging from old the S-class to the W108 of 1965.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -58

The more modern club known as MB True North was also out in full force with many C63 AMG varieties on display among others.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -49Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -50

Even the wee ones were having a good time, like this cute little girl behind the wheel of an old BMW. I think someone’s gonna be building her a car for when she turns 18, don’t you?

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -52Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -54

One of the craziest builds ever seen at Berlin Klassik is this E30 race car. This thing is all business with its fender flares, slick race tires, rollcage, giant rear spoiler, and lets not forget the 700+ horsepower turbocharged engine under the vented hood!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -64

By noon the weather wasn’t getting any better only reaching a high of 13-degrees and making everyone dress up accordingly. At least their spirits were up!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -63Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -65

If you want a true VIP car done in German style, this matte blue Audi A8L is sure to please. Everything has been done to this build ranging from the air ride suspension, Junction Produce (JDM VIP) accessories, and unique touches like the trunk area. This is what a full show car ought to be and well deserving of its award.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -71

There always seem to be a group of oddball cars among the pack of German cars, like these Volvos. Okay, so they’re not German, but at least they’re European and unique – right?

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -76

Some might call this old Beetle a trailer queen while others see it as purpose build. Regardless of one’s take, create must be given to the attention in details throughout the car – it is decades old after all.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -77

The tunes kept on coming throughout the cold day thanks to DJ Boj and others playing everything from old school hip hop to house and everything with a beat to keep the bodies moving ‘n grooving.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -80

Campers you say? Yup, there were a few of those scattered about the show grounds. Although they aren’t seen as cool by today’s standards, Euro car fans appreciate them for what they stood for.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -82

Cold weather? Overcast sky? No matter to this guy and that’s just how the Berlin Klassik crowd is – fun!

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -86

Ever feel like your car build is making you broke? Well one guy figured it out, sort of. Carry an ATM on your roof rack and you’ll never have to worry about the money issue… then again, you might once you realize there’s no money in the machine. Bummer.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -99

A highlight of every year’s show is the dyno pull. Whether you’ve popped in an air filter or done a motor swap, the dyno is the only way to tell what power gains you’ve got. Plus, it’s always great to guess the numbers as looks can be deceiving.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -97

It’s always great to see a rare car like this green first-gen Scirocco sitting pretty on gold mesh BBS wheels and showing off its less-than-potent four-banger engine, mind you it was the late 70s when this came out. Restored to perfection, this green beauty is what makes the Euro car crowd so unique – they embrace the old with a mix of the new.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -100

One of the nicest Jettas at the show had to be this gun metal specimen. It’s sitting perfect, has a cut-a-ways hood, is boosted, and unlike any other.

Berlin Klassik - GP_AMF -103

The nicest car at the show and one which traveled nearly 7+ hours away from Montreal, Quebec is that of Paulo’s Audi TT. Despite what most think, this machine is driven and the exterior is a custom air brush / paint job that costs more than one would ever want to know. Everything about this car has been thought out in regards to the WW2 Axis warplane, the Messerschmitt.

Still going strong after a handful of years, the Berlin Klassik show was a great success. The weather was less than favourable, but that didn’t stop hundreds of show ‘n shine competitors from showing up, and even more spectators than years before. Once again, a big thanks to the entire staff for organizing such an awesome show and we can’t wait for next year! Be sure to check out our extensive gallery before and don’t forget to tag us (@AutoMotoFoto) in your pics when you share them!

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