Berlin Klassik 2014


Berlin Klassik 2014
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
September 7th, 2014

For the past few years, we have been a proud supporter of the Berlin Klassik show held each year in Kitchener, Ontario. What started off as a simple concept of hosting two days – one for a parts swap meet and another for a show ‘n shine – has quickly turned into the go-to event for fans of all things European from Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and the rare oddity. By the time the gates opened mid-morning, hundreds of vehicles from across the province and south of the border made the trek to the Bingemans park grounds for a full day of German car goodness!

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 2

Without hesitation, our friend Randy of BimmerCruise came through with his sexy matte purple E46 M3 as our demo vehicle on display. Throughout the day, show goers kept coming up to the M3 to take pictures – is it any wonder?

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 3

The ReStyleIt crew had two BMW machines on display, both wrapped by them and look very sharp – from the blue chrome X6 to the candy red M3.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 4

If the latest toy to come out to Bavaria excites you, prepare to feast your eyes on this 425-horsepower Yas Marina Blue M4. For those wanting it all in one package, this is it.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 5

The Eurocracy show crew showed up and hard parked on the grass with two of their prime demo vehicles. For those not familiar with the event, it is a huge Euro show that happens yearly in Montreal, Quebec, bringing hundreds from across the country. This Passat (B7) sitting low on air ride suspension and killer gold plated mesh wheels is a perfect example of what Euro car fans are all about – a clean look.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 6

What’s not to love about a car with a cut-out hood, intercooler poking at the bottom, and sitting flush? This 4th generation Jetta is packing some punch and looking!

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 7

By lunch time, the crowds of show goers got hungry and it was time to feast on the delicious BBQ available at Bingemans.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 8

Ever wanted to drive an exotic, even for just one day? Well the good folks at Affinity Luxury Car Rental came out to show their support and brought three beautiful demo rides – a brand new Tesla Model S, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, and a Bentley Continental GT Convertible. To the surprise of many, one of these three gems got on the dyno to roll out some numbers… know which one?

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 9Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 10

Unfortunately, there was a mishap mid-way during the show when a video-drone crash landed into the back of a Mercedes-Benz C class causing extensive damage. Recall the incident, the drone went up and without warning just went down as it power was cut to it. The damage to the car included a smashed rear windshield, bent C-pillar, and minor debris damage. Thankfully no one was hurt during the incident, but it begs the question: should drones be banned from events such as these due to the safety risk?

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 11

If vintage Euro cars are your flavor of the month, then rest assured that this show has plenty of those too! Not only were there the latest and greatest boosted beasts, but also these more purist naturally-aspirated German tanks like this fine red E30 M3.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 12

A rarity nowadays is this awesome 2nd generation Volkswagen Scirocco that has been completely modified from the ground up. Everything on this red beauty has been reworked in some way or another from the boosted engine to the flared wheel arches. It’s good to see these vintage machines still kicking around and getting the attention they deserve.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 13

As mentioned previously, the folks Affinity Luxury Car Rental wanted to wow the crowds around the dyno area. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this show also boasts a live dyno run throughout the day for anyone who wants some bragging rights. In the case of this all-electric luxury sedan, no one knew what it could make. With only half-battery power, the Tesla S put down 316.6 rear-wheel horsepower with a graph that would boggle anyone’s mind. Reason being? It’s electric, thus instant power at the touch of the throttle!

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 14

The one and only holding down the awesome tunes throughout the day was none other than resident DJ Boj! If you ever want to hear the best house or hip-hop tracks, be sure to search for him.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 15

Even more vintage beauties like these two VW specimens catching some shade under the tree. On the left is a modified Karmann Ghia and on the right is an original Beetle that has also been modified. At first, both vehicles look fair plain until you begin to notice the little things.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 16Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 17

A first for many (including myself) is this super rare BMW coupe. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it is in fact badged as a “Z1”. Back in 1989, BMW began production of this rare roadster with drop-down doors (into the door sill). A total of 8,000 were ever produced although not much is known as to how many still exist. Powering this red coupe is a 2.7-liter, straight 6-cylinder, good for around 170 horsepower.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 18

Another great find at the show for the vintage Mercedes-Benz fans is this 19060’s 280SE Coupe that has been reworked into something remarkable. The matte blue exterior finish with the white-wall tires just makes this thing pop!

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 19Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 20

Quite possibly one of the rarest and most classical of all cars at the event was this 1962 Mercedes-Benz 190SL. Everything about this convertible was spot on from the flawless black paint to the mint red leather interior. If you’ve always wanted to have a car collection, this one surely has to be on the list.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 21

Without question, the Porsche 356 Speedster is quite possibly the most recognizable and sought-after German car ever produced. Yes, this is the same type of car that legendary Hollywood bad boy James Dean died in during his road crash. Furthermore, who doesn’t know the fact that every die-hard Porsche collector from Jerry Seinfeld to Bill Gates has one – it truly is that special.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 22

If the ‘four-rings’ are your thing, this 70s Audi 100 LS four-door saloon might do the trick. Once again, another rare vintage vehicle that is still driven albeit not much anymore.

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 23

This great event would not be possible without Garret, his great team, and sponsors such as German OEM. These two are not only true Euro enthusiasts, they’re also some of the friendliest by welcoming other shows with open arms. Here’s to many more years of Berlin Klassik goodness!

Berlin Klassik 2014 (THUMBNAIL) 24

With the sun coming down and people getting restless to head home, it was time for the award ceremony to kick off. Congratulations to all the winners for entering their ride and making this show a huge success once again! Also, notable mention to this year’s “Top Dawg” award winner for this prized ride… check the gallery to see it!

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