“dowhatyoulove” Contest | Presented by Titoboy Approved Apparel


As the fourth monthly contest on AutoMotoFoto.net v2.0 we are delighted to have our friends Titoboy Approved Apparel join us and provide some of their highly sought-after goodies for the Prize Pack!

This month we will not be doing the usual Best Photo Caption, instead we want to dig a little deeper in the heart and soul of what makes us “gear heads” unique individuals. Following suit on Titoboy Approved meme, “dowhatyoulove” (Do What You Love) and seeing as AMF is all about supporting both the local and international scene, we figured this contest has to be more personal with our readers.

Here are the details:

Post below in the Comments Section in less than 160-words what “dowhatyoulove” means to YOU in relation to the car scene / industry. Are you a show n’ shine show goer? Do you love to track your car? Or do you like to spectate and socialize about it?
– Post as many times as you would like for a chance to enter – there is no limit.
– Be sure to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ the link with your friends and get them involved!

The winner will receive an awesome Prize Pack consisting of:

– One (1) Titoboy Approved Apparel T-shirt (Colour combo of choice)
– One (1) Titoboy Approved Apparel Decal package
– One (1) AMF T-Shirt
– Two (2) AMF Blue / Green Line Logo decals
– Two (2) AMF Rainbow Chrome Line Logo decals
– One (1) AMFMarina Victoria” Poster.
– One (1) Shining Monkey Corp. Full detailing kit

Prize Pack Valued at $200.00!

Let the flood gates open, begin posting folks!

CONTEST CLOSES: Thursday, May 31st, 2012 @ 5:00pm (EST).

Good luck and remember… “dowhatyoulove”

For more information, please visit Titoboy Approved Apparel


  1. Do what you love can be no more true than what i do, i drive a pink and black Kia Soul, which gets ridiculed all the time. I drive my Soul with pride and dont give a crap what anyone thinks, i do it for the weekend to end womens cancer and i do it proudly. I love the ladies in my life, and since 1 in 3 die from it, i would like the opportunity to help them l