Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A Glimpse Into The $3.4-Million Lykan Hypersport Hypercar

There have been many small hypercar builders coming into the market in recent years and W Motors is surely one of them. It's only been a year since the debut of their hypercar titled the Lykan Hypersport and already enthusiasts are going ga-ga over it. The reason is quite simple - look at it...

No Ordinary Smart Car… It’s Packing A Chevy Big Block!

Back in 1998 when Daimler AG introduced the Smart brand to the world, who would have thought that $1.5-million units would be sold? Okay so they're cute, great on fuel, and the ideal city car, but no person with even the smallest of egos would ever be caught behind the wheel..

Watch NISMO’s GT-R Overtake 18 Cars In One Lap at Monza

There have been several epic one-lap overtakes throughout the years in motorsports with the most famous one being that of Aryton Senna at Donington under the rain during the 1993 GP of Europe. Well now there's another and it is that of Al Buncombe in the NISMO GT-R GT3...

Up On Two Wheels… It’s Wheelie Time!

With the riding season just around the corner (at least here in Canada), here's a little pick-me-up video of a rider capturing some wicked and wild wheelies. Not only are wheelies the coolest thing to do and watch...

Easter Bunnies Drifting!

With the Easter long weekend upon us, some people take the typical religious route of attending mass while others take this time off to spend quality time with their families including the must-do activity of Easter egg hunting with the little ones. For others (like crazy gear heads), this weekend presents...

Jorian Ponomareff’s Extreme Motorcycle Drifting On Ice!

Beautiful Sweden, the land best known for DIY budget furniture and meatballs. In this case neither apply, instead an open course that is entirely covered in ice and snow designed for some seriously wicked motorcycle drifting & gymkhana action. Since the early age, Jorian Ponomareff...

Extreme Turbo Systems’ GT-R Sets 7.81-sec World Record!

The Nissan GT-R has done it again - shattering yet another record - this time in way of the fastest 1/4-mile time. Built by Extreme Turbo Systems, their project GT-R is fitted with their "ETS Little Hero Turbo Kit" that fetches a price tag of $18,500.00 - by far the most affordable of all the high-horsepower kits...

Mitsubishi Evolution IX Firey Awesomeness!

Since Mitsubishi's recent announcement that they're pulling the plug on the Lancer Evolution model, the current Evo X will unfortunately be the last generation. Just prior to it, there was a handful of gens...