Thursday, October 27, 2016


The Sexy Philomena Rides Shotgun in the C7 Corvette!

The new C7 Corvette Stingray is nothing short of spectacular, add a sexy brunette named Philomena to the mix and it gets that much better. During a recent photoshoot, the beauty was taken out in TR3's tuned up Corvette piloted by Gregory Romanelli - a 17-year old pro driver that competes in the Ferrari Challenge series...

What To Watch | May 3, 2014

The newest RWB Porsche from China, driving on the Nurburgring in the rain ain't fun, the LaFerrari test driven around Fiorano, and a 777hp 430 Scuderia by Novitec Rosso...

The Craziest Gymkhana Drift Battle Ever!

By now most people know what the motorsport of gymkhana is, made popular by none other than #43 Ken Block. Well if you were a stunt driver and Pike Peak International Hill Climb champion like Mike Ryan and wanted to kick things up a notch, what would you do? In this case, release a second video full of some insane stunts and drifting action by not just one, but two vehicles...

McDonald’s Drive-Thru On a BMW S1000RR In Slick Mode

It is without question that the must-have motorcycle in recent years the BMW S1000RR. It boasts an impressive 193 horsepower and weights in at only 459 lbs. The technology fitted to the S1000RR is race spec including BMW’s latest Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) system with four modes: Rain, Sport, Race and Slick...

What To Watch | April 26, 2014

Watch an M3 try to drift and crash at the Nurburgring, a 1,600 Lamborghini lose control at 100 mph, test drive review of the new 2015 Subaru STI, and an epic burnout done in a turbo TransAm...

A Glimpse Into The $3.4-Million Lykan Hypersport Hypercar

There have been many small hypercar builders coming into the market in recent years and W Motors is surely one of them. It's only been a year since the debut of their hypercar titled the Lykan Hypersport and already enthusiasts are going ga-ga over it. The reason is quite simple - look at it...

No Ordinary Smart Car… It’s Packing A Chevy Big Block!

Back in 1998 when Daimler AG introduced the Smart brand to the world, who would have thought that $1.5-million units would be sold? Okay so they're cute, great on fuel, and the ideal city car, but no person with even the smallest of egos would ever be caught behind the wheel..

Watch NISMO’s GT-R Overtake 18 Cars In One Lap at Monza

There have been several epic one-lap overtakes throughout the years in motorsports with the most famous one being that of Aryton Senna at Donington under the rain during the 1993 GP of Europe. Well now there's another and it is that of Al Buncombe in the NISMO GT-R GT3...