Saturday, May 26, 2018

Car Show

Import Expo 2011 (Models)

What's better than beautiful ladies at tuner shows? Nothing. For as long as there has been cars and shows to showcase them, models...

Spring Break Nationals (Models)

The beautiful Florida weather brought out the best audio-visual vehicles, but also the best sun-kissed models...

Performance World 2011 (Models)

A great car show is never complete without the beautiful ladies adding a touch of sultry goodness...

North American International Auto Show 2011 (Models)

In the world of auto shows, models have become an integral part of the "wow factor" with their beauty and provocative charm (lol)... so as a token to auto-show-goers here's a gallery setup of the ladies at the North American International Auto Show (2011) photographed by AMF's very own Michael Shuster.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2011 (Models)

Tokyo Auto Salon has the best in JDM vehicles on display, but how about the JDM models? LOL