Saturday, March 24, 2018


Brittney Crowell

This Suzuki-riding blonde from the sunshine state is a fresh face on the scene and already making a splash with her girl-next-door looks...

Treeko Mietto

An all-Canadian girl with her eyes set for global domination in the modeling world, in-front and behind the lens...

Stephanie Manescu

This small town girl might be pint sized, but has curves to make your eyes go big and a sweet attitude making you wish she was your gf!

Noel Rutman

Cute doesn't even begin to describe this 5'5" Sagitarius from Pennsylvania. Although fairly new in the scene, she has accomplished much and is a die-hard car girl... #WINNER!

Shannon Lee

This Canadian blonde bombshell is Playboy material, but unlike the ladies of Hollywood she's all Canadian and home grown!

Models at ImportFest 2015

Now that things are calm after an amazing ImportFest show, it's time to focus on the other pretty things found at the event - the models. You might be a car person at heart, but everyone knows that it's the models that round-out a show like this - from posing with fans, to signing posters, and even helping exhibitors draw in a crowd...

Jenna Nicole

Although only 2-months in the modeling game, this petite and curvy beauty from the sunshine state of Georgia is one to keep an eye out for...

Brooke Thomas

This sun-kissed beauty from Florida might be petite in size, but give her the outdoors (especially fishing) and she'll show you up!
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