Sunday, July 15, 2018


Abigael Nikkol

A hot brunette from Charlotte, Abigael is also a car fanatic - so not just pretty looks!

Nicky Lynn

Dashing looks and a go-getter attitude doesn't justify what this pint-sized brunette is all about. With only a handful of year worth of experience, this blue-eyed beauty has been sweeping the modeling game...

Models of Import Expo 2012

Just a few days ago one of Canada's premiere tuner show closed out the season...

Jeana Turner

Bless with perfect portions and a unique combination of ethnicity, this Minnesota beauty will melt your heart in every which way!

Sarah Clayton

Hotness comes in all forms, including a petite 5'1" and 110lbs like this stunning Pennsylvania brunette...

Kristen Renee

Ohio born and raised Kristen is your girl next door type taking the scene by storm...

Dani Galli

She might be a fresh face to the scene, but this 5'7" Sagittarius is making big waves with her Hollywood-glam looks and positive attitude!

Megan Retzlaff

She's a sultry brunette Sagittarius from the mid west with some fierce determination for success...