Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Abigael Nikkol

A hot brunette from Charlotte, Abigael is also a car fanatic - so not just pretty looks!

Ariel Kay

This curvacious Sagi from Edmonton has a body of a Playmate and is sure to sweep the industry...

Lyndsey Love

If you love women comfortable in their skin, you can't get any better than the seductive Lyndsey Love...

Cristina Cass

This pint sized brunette beauty has a decade of experience under her belt and isn't stopping anytime soon. She's beautiful, intelligent, and a Sagittarius to boot!

Tonya Olson

This blonde British Columbia beauty is a WBFF Pro Bikini Model, the best of all worlds...

Connie CC

Home grown in Toronto, but reaching to the stars... Ms. Connie CC is one tuner model that is blowing up like the big city!

Treeko Mietto

An all-Canadian girl with her eyes set for global domination in the modeling world, in-front and behind the lens...

April Garcia

This fiery Filipino is new to the modeling world, but is the Asian sensation from Seattle...