Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Jeana Turner

Bless with perfect portions and a unique combination of ethnicity, this Minnesota beauty will melt your heart in every which way!

Renee G

A curvacious vixen from sunny Florida that melts hearts...

Heather Moss

Moss is the definition of a perfect modern-day woman: gorgeous looks, business minded, and a loving mother...

Brooke Thomas

This sun-kissed beauty from Florida might be petite in size, but give her the outdoors (especially fishing) and she'll show you up!

Sydney Maler

Curvy and accomplished or is it the other way around? This 5'7" beauty hails from sunny San Diego and has a stunning mix of Italian, German, Polish, and Irish. We get down to the nitty-gritty about her rise in modeling including landing in Maxim...

Jessy Erinn

She might not be from the big city, but this Playboy-blonde beauty is living the life in Cancun and looking gorgeous as ever!

Amy Markham

This little Texan is the ideal import model - she loves to autocross, is an Asian fusion and has a killer body...

Miss Kimmy

Cambodia is best as the Kingdom of Wonder and this 5'1" beauty is a prime example as to why that is. Now residing in North Carolina, Miss Kimmy has made leaps in her modeling career...