Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Tech: Project Acura 1.6EL – Carbon Fiber Dash Trim Kit

There are endless ways to personalize one's vehicle - be it a daily driver or project car. One of the fastest and least expensive forms is by installed what is known as a dash trim kit. Put simply, a dash trim kit is a unique accessory that covers the bland looking OEM's dashboard trim with a material of choice (be it carbon fiber, high gloss colour, brushed aluminum, etc) and is encased in a gel-like coat with a 3M adhesive backing. To some enthusiasts adding a dash trim kit is seen as tacky and we couldn't agree more - generally speaking that is. However, with the right combination of material and vehicle, the overall appearance not only adds a touch of personalization, but also a different appeal from the original look of the vehicle. In simple terms, consider a dash trim kit like a car's underwear - surely few will ever see it, but when they do they'll be intrigued!

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