Monday, March 19, 2018


My Love/Hate With Modern Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has long been ahead of the apex in terms of technology and styling, save for the dreaded 9-year Chrysler merger that even the Stuttgart based automaker would rather forget. With timeless designs, solid construction and cutting edge features it’s easy to see why Mercedes has been around for 125 years...

Hennessey’s CTS-V Could Be The World’s Fastest Saloon

For people like John Hennessey, cars never come with enough horsepower from factory. Not even the CTS-V sedan's 640+ horsepower was satisfactory, so the Texas tuner is aiming for 4-digit figures to push the saloon further into supercar-slaying territory with a top speed of 240 mph (386 km/h). That's fast by any standards, let alone with 4 doors, creature comforts and a spacious trunk...

Can Lincoln’s New Continental Revitalize The Brand?

Over the past couple of years, the Lincoln section of every auto show I attended was a sad sight. Well-dressed product specialists and salespeople eagerly awaited crowds for them to show off their brand's newest innovations, but with the exception of a few baby-boomers and curious journalists, the crowds never came. Most people just weren't interested, or didn't consider Lincoln as...

Ultimate Road Trip? It Could Happen With This Super-Highway!

Spring is finally here and with that, gear heads are already preparing their rides for awesome short cruises and road trips. What if there was a road trip that would take you 12,400-miles and across half of the world, would you do it?...

Cut Hondas Some Slack

Throughout automotive history, few brands have been on the receiving end of as many jokes and insults as Honda, but it seems that the hate they receive is drastically disproportionate to their quality. I should have mentioned ahead of time that I have never owned a Honda, lest I be lambasted as biased and painted with homophobic slurs on the first message board this reaches...

Deadmau5 Gets A Pro Racing Simulator!

So it seems that Toronto-based EDM music giant Deadmau5 is going full-tilt with his new love for cars. After gaining some international fame, Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) began purchasing some great rides including a matte black Porsche 911 and most notable his controversial Ferrari 458 Italia known as the "Purrari" and used in his YouTube series "Coffee Run"...

The #BringBackClarkson Petition Is Very Real!

It hasn't been even a week since the "fracas" incident between Jeremy Clarkson and a producer of the BBC hit show Top Gear. Not only was Clarkson suspended from the show recently, it seems that much more has come from it including a petition started by Guido Fawkes on It has been just one day (yes, 24-hours) since the petition started and already there are 538,630+ supporters who have signed it!

The Wheels of CIAS 2015

Each year at the Canadian International AutoShow we cover everything showcased during the Media Day, from new models being debuted to concept cars. One thing we've never gotten around to doing is capturing the unique wheels found on the demo cars - until now. In the spirit of #WheelWednesday, we will continue to ramp-up our content for our wheel-aficionado readers!
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