The Wheels of CIAS 2015


Each year at the Canadian International AutoShow  we cover everything showcased during the Media Day, from new models being debuted to concept cars. One thing we’ve never gotten around to doing is capturing the unique wheels found on the demo cars – until now. In the spirit of #WheelWednesday, we will continue to ramp-up our content for our wheel-aficionado readers! Here’s our pick of some of the hottest rollers from the show in Toronto.

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -11 copy

Ford (Canada) kicked things off with the first press conference and while the usual jib-jab of PR material was going on, I was immediately drawn to this beautiful silver Ford Mustang rolling on massive Forgiato wheels. For those that can recall, this is the same pony found at SEMA. The wheels are Forgiato’s Navaja sized at 21×9.5-inches (front) and 22×12-inches (rear) and wrapped in Pirelli rubber. The turning blade design with reflective blue vinyl accents really do compliment the new Mustang’s aggressive design, but damn they’re large!

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -19 copy

As if Ford’s pony car didn’t have enough track-worthiness, Ford debuted the new Shelby GT350R Mustang. This no-compromise beast is packing performance in all aspects, even in way of supercar spec wheels – made of carbon fiber! These rollers are sized at 19-inch all around with 11-inches up front and 11.5-inches at rear. Despite their huge size, they’re are roughly 13lbs each and provide the necessary unsprung weight reduction in a track-spec car such as this. The tire of choice you ask? Sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 high-performance tires with a unique rubber compound that is unique to the Shelby. Need I say more?

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -21 copy

Now that the new Ford GT has been given the green light we’ll be seeing them on the roads and as such, plenty of Michelin tire-shredding videos. Unlike the Shelby GT350R there is no confirmation that the new GT will have carbon fiber wheels, but we don’t doubt that it will. However, what you do get are massive rollers in a split-spoke pattern and wrapped in Michelin’s stickiest tire, the Pilot Sport Cup 2. If there’s one thing to note when looking at these wheels, is the stunning carbon Brembo brakes tucked just behind – yes please!

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -45 copy

When the Toyota FT-1 concept was revealed a few years ago, no one thought that it would actually materialize, but it seems that it actually might soon enough. Other than its drastic and fluid design, the FT-1 has gone somewhat plain in way of wheels. Sure they’re large at 21-inches, but they’re nothing special other than the fact that they’re probably forged units with center locks. If the production car does come out, hopefully they pay attention to the wheels as that’s seriously lacking.

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -79 copy

It seems that Infiniti has some fresh blood in their design department, case in point is this Q60 coupe concept. Okay, so you might not see these exact styling cues or wheels on your next Q purchase, but they are something to gawk at. Taking a different approach than most in way of multi-spoke design, these black wheels boast thin and large angled spokes – most likely to feed cold air into the brakes. Rubber of choice on this concept is in way of Dunlop and definitely not a road-legal tire.

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -101 copy
If the need to have a hair-blazing-fast coupe that is limited production is your thing, the F-Type Project 7 might be your thing. Packing 575 horsepower and limited to only 250 units, it is no wonder that everything about this F-Type is unique including its massive wheels. These blacked-out 20-inch rollers are simply beautiful and wrapped in sticky Continental tires. Unfortunately, these wheels aren’t made of some space-age material or carbon fiber, despite the fact of having carbon brakes visible just behind the yellow caliper.

CIAS 2015 - AMF_GP -123 copy

Finally the NSX is revealed in a production-ready mode! The concept rides on a unique set of Y-spoked wheels and wrapped in Continental rubber sized at 255/35-19 front and 275/30-20 rear. Once again like some of the previous cars shown, these wheels aren’t made of carbon fiber which is unusual considering the speculated $150,000+ price tag. In this day and age, the NSX seems to be on the fore-front of design and technology in way of a hybrid-boosted V6 mated to twin turbos and three electric motors, but will that be enough? That remains to be seen.