Ultimate Road Trip? It Could Happen With This Super-Highway!


Spring is finally here and with that, gear heads are already preparing their rides for awesome short cruises and road trips. What if there was a road trip that would take you 12,400-miles and across half of the world, would you do it? Well if you’re interested in such a mission, it might not happen anytime soon as it is merely an idea proposed to improve Russia’s tourism industry by bringing people into and through the country.

According to the Siberian Times, the proposed route would follow suit with the Trans-Sibera Railway system already in place that would connect Great Britain to USA. The road would link thousands of miles of existing byways and bridges across Russia, (a span of more than 6,000-miles) and provide much-needed development for rural areas. The super-highway project would span the entire length of Russia and link existing networks in Europe and Asia, resulting in the first-ever modern route from the Pacific Ocean in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Surely this is merely a pipe dream as Russian Railways boss Vladimir Yakunin told the Russian Academy of Science that the cost would be “trillions” of dollars. Without question the project is an ambitious one and would be very expensive, but that hasn’t stopped the Russians before.

Ultimate Road Trip? It Could Happen With This Super-Highway! (2)

Russian Railways president Vladimir Yakunin (Fabrizio Bensch /Reuters)

So what does this mean for the average Joe? Simply put, in theory one could jump in the car say in London, England and end up in Fairbanks, California, USA in a matter of days. Okay so a flight would be far less expensive and an easier mode of transportation, but don’t ever tell that to a true car-person. If only such a super-highway were to actually be built, thousands would make the journey – including myself. For now it is just speculation, but 66-year old Vladimir Yakunin could make it possible given his close ties to Putin, rumours of being his successor, and having a billionaire status like his mate.

The question that remains is: what car would you take on this epic 12,400-mile road trip?