The Car Meet Movement… Without a Car Meet: The Epilogue


Without everyone there would be no enthusiast movement and my life would be pretty boring. Hell, I’d probably drive a Prius! I am writing this to clear up some miss-conceptions about Thursday’s article regarding Ertefa (The Car Meet Movement… Without a Car Meet). Foremost, those who thought I was bashing the organizers are wrongly mistaken as I wasn’t. If you read every word you will see my mention about how I hope the meet comes back. The article was to tell people the story of what’s happening and to bring out people like me, who want a car meet and have missed the regular Thursday night ritual Ertefa provided.

I asked for help and I got an overwhelming response from people who are here to assist in helping bring back a Thursday night meet – you all deserve a high five! Here at AMF we have reached out to our contacts and secured a location for Thursday night. If Ertefa find a location then we will be there to support, if Ertefa wants to visit the #MashUp car meet that we’re hosting they are more than welcome with open arms. We are not looking to build an AMF meet, but rather fulfill a need for which enthusiasts have asked for week after week since the Ertefa meet has been cancelled! We also have a fresh batch of people who are ready and willing to help handle traffic, pick up garbage and in general bring back the greatness.

The details, so mark your calendars! Thursday September 20th at 9:00pm everyone is welcome to come to the Michael-Angelo’s Marketplace parking lot at Woodbine Ave and Hwy 7 (8555 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON).

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We would like to extend a huge thank you to Pat and the team from the MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show for helping us get permission for use of the lot.

The usual rules apply: Don’t be an asshole and ruin it for everyone. No burn outs, no racing, no blasting your stereo and no fighting. I have reached out to my car friends in York Region and there will be some on and off duty officers walking the crowd. A new rule… pick up your damn garbage! If you want the meet to take place every week it needs to be self sufficient. No more making organizers, property managers or anyone other then those who make the garbage pick up after themselves. Let’s be a mature crowd of fellow gear heads and appreciate such an opportunity for the gathering.

The #MashUp meet welcomes everyone from car nuts to bike riders – hot rods, rat rods, classics, muscle cars, exotics, tuners, etc… If it has an engine and you’re an enthusiast, come out!

Again I need to thank everyone who reached out with their support, it is people like you that keep the scene going – we’re just doing our part. Feel free to ‘LIKE’ this post and ‘SHARE’ it with your fellow gear heads.

Words: Patrick Logan