Over 100 Lamborghini Gallardos Recalled in UK


In what appears to be a supercar slip-up, Lamborghini has recalled 143 Gallardos. So far, the recall appears only to affect Lamborghinis in the UK which were built between January 2007 and May 2009, and owners are already being informed of the potential danger.

The recall is the result of faulty screws being used to secure the Gallardo’s optional carbon ceramic brake discs. It’s been reported that over time the stainless steel screws used to hold the brake discs together are prone to stress cracks and erosion. Not only would this hinder braking performance, but if enough stainless steel screws failed, the rear brake discs could have fallen off the car completely. Thankfully, no serious incidents have been reported.

Lamborghini has stated that they will be replacing all of the stainless steel screws on the coupe and spyder Gallardos with a stronger material, which won’t be as prone to such wear and tear.

With such a potentially fatal slip-up coming from Lamborghini, one has to wonder what happened to the attention to detail the Lamborghini is famous for. Could the Audi-influenced Italian automaker be asleep at the wheel?