Is There A NextMod x Deadmau5 LibertyWalk Huracan In The Works?


Only a couple days ago one of our photographers Markis Sarkis was contacted by Peter of NextMod (a well known parts retailer) to do a simple Photoshop rendering. The rendering was that of Toronto’s own EDM DJ / producer Deadmau5Lamborghini Huracan which he calls the #Purracan, modified with a widebody kit from Japanese tuner LibertyWalk.

Is There A NextMod x Deadmau5 LibertyWalk Huracan In The Works? (2)

We first spotted the #Purracan after its transformation by Sekanskin at ImportFest just last month. Already the car has gotten tons of coverage for not only being the latest raging bull on the market with 600-horsepower, but also due to its comical Nyan Cat livery – similar to that of Deadmau5′ previous toy, the #Purrari.

Although not much is known as to whether or not Deadmau5 will actually go through with it, NextMod is doing their best to convince him. Should it happen, it will be the first LibertyWalk Hurcan in Canada and one that will have “car spotters” going crazy over it. Personally, widebody kits on supercars are an insult to the pedigree of these great brands and their engineering feats, but to each their own. In the end, Deadmau5 is no stranger to stirring things up and this would surely push him further into the tuning world of cars that he has recently gotten involved with. We just hope for the chance to feature his toys one day… fingers crossed!