In Honour of #NationalHotDogDay, Here’s the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!


Social media is all the buzz today with #NationalHotDogDay, a day whereby fans of the grilled or steamed sausauge-like fast food item rejoice. For fellow gear heads this day means little, but what if both fan-fares could be combined – hot dogs and cars? Welcome to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

First created by Carl G. Mayer (Oscar Mayer’s nephew) back in 1936, this promo car concept is still being used by the company today driving all around the United States. Since its inception, the Wienermobile has evolved from what was a Dodge or Willys Jeep chassis to later versions utilizing a Chevrolet motor home chassis. Regardless of its engineering achievement, its the simple fact that the Wienermobile is nothing more than a giant hot dog on wheels that makes it amazing!

In Honour of #NationalHotDogDay, Here's the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! (2)

During a display at the Casa Munras Hotel and Spa in Monterey, California last year, the 27-foot long Wienermobile hit the legendary 2.238-mile race track known as Mazda Raceway Leguna Seca. The track’s CEO / GM Gill Campbell took out a Mazda MX-5 around the course pacing the Wienermobile through the highspeed straights and banked corners, all leading to the infamous Corkscrew turn. It may not have set any lap records during its two lap photo-op run, but it sure is hilarious to see a giant hotdog carving the corners as best it could.

Now you know a little more about the coolest hot dog in the world, here’s to a great #NationalHotDogDay everyone!