Hennessey’s CTS-V Could Be The World’s Fastest Saloon


For people like John Hennessey, cars never come with enough horsepower from factory. Not even the CTS-V sedan’s 640+ horsepower was satisfactory, so the Texas tuner is aiming for 4-digit figures to push the saloon further into supercar-slaying territory with a top speed of 240 mph (386 km/h). That’s fast by any standards, let alone with 4 doors, creature comforts and a spacious trunk.


Technical details remain scarce, but with power levels expected to reach 1000 horses, we can expect the Cadillac’s 6.2L V8 to receive the full treatment, likely including a twin-turbo system in place of the factory supercharger. We can also expect wider tires, bigger brakes, a Hennessey custom interior and possibly some widebody alterations.

If 1000 horsepower is too much for you there will also be a lower power packages, sitting around 750-800 HP, but who’s paying attention to that now? We’ll have more on this project development as we hear about it.